Anxiety Without Medication - Yes Or No?


Anxiety Without Medication - Yes Or No?
All of us in our life, at some of the other point face problems, get upset, anxiety reigns in mind. You may want to be alone, go somewhere long not knowing where you are going, quit and take a short break, sometimes you think you might not need even your phone with you, spend some time for yourself, but are you caught up in a situation doesn’t allow you to do any of these??

Well, here are a few suggestions.. for anxiety, depression, fear, worry, trepidation, what so ever you call.

My First Option, Call to your close friends and chat something to divert from the situation (Close people will recognize your mind even if you don’t say them). Friends constitute the most part of your life; they know the trick to change your mind, even a magic spell maybe.

Have the mood swing… Try to be happy, even if you’re not actually are!! Do something that makes you happy! Though it’s difficult, One time you’ll feel happy, the next moment something may be struck you again, but how much ever you try, try and try to divert yourself, so sooner you come out of it.

Do your favourite things- a bike ride, a walk, painting, gardening, cooking, etc., (One of my friends starts washing vessels if she becomes angry at home anytime :D) The thing is to DO SOMETHING THAT DIVERTS YOU FROM WHAT YOU WANT TO!!!

If you’re a Music Listener, Listen to Peppy numbers and not the melancholic ones!! (Melancholy ones depresses you more-irrelevant to the situation)

If you’re a reader, read inspirational novels. Always make sure you make the right choice. If you have a fight/break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend and you choose to take a Love Story/Romantic Movie, that’s no way going to help!!

If you have an unbounded over-work, take some stress busters, like funny videos or something movies, there is a difference between ‘you sit 24 hours to complete the work and your mind is waving’ and ‘you sit for 20 hours with utmost concentration and care to work’. Its no way wrong to take a break!

For young blooded Freshers who has just joined your first job, If you’re feeling you have the potential with you but dunno how to bring it out and that’s your main anxiety, well, Self-Development Books are the ones you should choose. 

Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam said, “Don’t read success stories, you’ll get the only message; Read failure stories, you’ll get some ideas to get success!”

If you ever have the practice of writing, start writing things… Pour out!! Write, Scribble, Shout in letters Or Draft it in your mailbox!! How much you pour out things, that much you’ll feel the ease!!!

Don’t ever expect others to take sympathy over you!! This is something I don’t like when I see such people.. Never explain yourself to anyone!! 

For good friends, you need not say them the situation, because they understand; For others, why do you even want to explain them? You are the creator of your own destiny! We don’t need anyone to take pity on us!!

Most of the time, its “people” who make you this way for anxiety/ anger/ misunderstanding, sometimes due to Personal Reasons, sometimes official, something from nowhere.

PERSONAL REASONS: If the mistake is on your side, apologize. There is nothing like your self-esteem goes down.. unless you really value that person!! And you really want that person in your life!! You worth it!! If the mistake is not on your side, don’t ever!! We don’t want to have anyone who doesn’t treat us worthy!! When people want you, they’ll come, no matter where you’re!! And in another way, it’s equally important to respect people who respect us; who values us!!

INBUILT ATTENTION TO OFFICIAL WORK: This might be the case for Freshers or introvert people who are little hesitant to take up the work even if they know. If you want something, ask it; speak out! Take the situation and Grab it!! No will ever know until you open your mouth and say.

There’s a saying, “If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it”; “If you do not ask, the answer will always be NO”; “If you do not step forward, you’ll always be in the same place”

Take the opportunity!! If Opportunity doesn’t knock your door; Build your own door! That may be an Organizer for any event, or anchoring or even be it any small responsibility put that needs volunteers, Take it! 

There is nothing wrong you learn to do something, But the action and step you take ahead to attempt something you’ve ever done is what matters!

At office premises, you’re more likely to trust yourself than anyone!! Reach out to the ones you think close enough. Be with like-minded people. 

You should know to judge who is good and who is acting like good! Just think, If you’re true to yourself and your instinct says the mistake is not on your side., you’re good to go!!

ADHOC SITUATIONS: Sometimes the tension would trigger from nowhere, it might be a Fuel over in your vehicle, Traffic, Bike Tyre Rupture, Missing the Bus/Commodity, Incomplete Work Tension, Irresponsible Team Members, Rush at Bank, Late to Office, or any. 

In those cases, if you start to shout at them, see what is the difference between you and them. Train your mind to be patient and calm in any type of situation.

I once read a story,

There is a story they tell of 2 dogs. Both at separate times walk into the same room. One comes out wagging his tail while other comes out growling.

A woman watching this goes into the room to see what could possibly make one dog so happy and other so mad.

To her surprise, she finds a room filled with mirrors.

The happy dog found thousands of happy dogs looking back at him while the angry dog saw only angry dogs growling back at him


If you’re a so mild hearted person feeling really feel sick/lonely and if you feel crying is the only option- OK go. CRY! Shed out your tears!! Shed out tears until you’re sure you’ll not cry for the same reason again!! But, I would suggest this only as a last option

Don’t think you’re the only person who is facing all the problems and troubles! :D Its really not that way!! See, situations/feelings/sadness is just temporary objects. What matters to you now making you worry/fear is nothing after two months. 

Once you come out of the situation and think you thought this way, you’ll smile at the way you recovered yourself and funny at the way you thought it is only yourself! At times, you’ll feel proud of yourself that you‘re the one who made a life-changing decision and you did not allow the situation to ruin you!

ARGUMENTS SITUATIONS: Most of the time, it is better to be quiet than to involve in an argument and make it messy! It is not losing your self-respect, it is just guarding your self-respect, just like the story told above.

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If you’re a lonely type, talk to yourself, understand what made you feel this way? Question yourself. Do you really deserve to be like this ?? How could you make the situation better; If it is not in your hands, what is the use of being sad. Sometimes, you may just need to let go of what you expected and live in what’s happening! And, It is important for anyone to spend time to analyze oneself!!

If you’re a practical type, you know how to be Optimistic!! Don’t get upset because you don’t get something you liked!! I have a personal tactic like ‘I don’t like something that I don’t get!’ Change it that way. It's unlucky that it doesn’t come to you; You’re precious to yourself!! Never ever forget that!! Make the situation the alternate way!

If you’re a Social Type, Just go out and spend, hangout sometime with your friends. That would do the magic!!

The worst case is the anxiety of losing a person ever, DEATH! Yeah, this is really a very critical situation that too when it happened for the one who is soo close to us, by any means. 

Even if the soul gets separated, the thoughts and memories are ever blossom ones, right? In such cases, say your heart, believe, they have gone nowhere, just somewhere where I can’t see, but somewhere around me. This cannot take advise from anyone until you’re ready to console yourself.

Finally, Think everything is for good, for better!!

Think about the good moments that made you smile..!!

Make sure you’re stronger than yesterday..!! You really don’t need a practitioner when you really know what you want!

Any Moment Spent Without Happiness Is A Moment Wasted!! Stay Happy!! Stay Healthy!!

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