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Let’s be fair - it’s unlikely a possible advertiser just stumbles on your Advertise page. Rather, it should be viewed as a sales tool once the advertiser has expressed interest in it. 

Alternatively, if you've got a self-serve platform, it might be wont to convince long-tail advertisers to sign-up and begin testing your ad server. In a future article, we'll be highlighting specific features and points all Advertise pages should have. 

Advertise with us means a lot of audiences because we already have a lot of audiences daily reading our informative blogs. They trust us and we are making our relationship with them strong by giving them exclusive features on our website

Why Digital Advertisement

Advertising is changing and other people are moving beyond traditional media with their advertising. In this digital era, people are more bridge than ever often walking around with internet access in their pocket or purse. Digital advertising helps to unite the reach of TV, the frequency of the radio, and hence the reality of newspapers. 

The most powerful component of digital advertising is that the instant permit to your consumer. you would like to explore an advertising medium that will not only get your word bent to the masses, but allows them to act on those buying impulses the moment they receive.

Guest Post Categories Accepted

Advertise with us for E-Bulletins Sponsored

Get pride of place together with your logo at the highest of our email for your chosen region(s). Be seen by thousands of business influencers and key decision-makers a day. This premium option is afforded to at least one company only, per region, at any given time. it is a fantastic thanks to building credibility quickly and be seen because of the leader in your sector amongst your regional businessmen.

We even have affordable advertising opportunities in our e-Bulletin and on our website if you would like to grab even more attention.

  • A 100-word, single block paragraph write-up during a text doc, word doc, or the body of an email.
  • There are often no bullets, ALL CAPS, bold text, different fonts, or paragraph breaks.
  • A .pdf document and/or a link to an internet page where our readers can obtain more information, register, etc

Payment Policies

If you are thinking to advertise with us then we just want to let you know about the spaces you’ll  get for your advertisement, You will get spaces accordingly let us explain to you

  • $50 Charges for space on header
  • $50 Charges for link sponsored articles
  • $40 Charges for footer sponsored menu
  • $40 Charges for space on menu drop-down section 

Prepayment is required for brand spanking new accounts. The advertiser and ad agency are jointly and separately liable for payment. Payment could also be made by Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Discover and check or postal order. Advertiser's accounts must be in good standing before advertisements are going to be accepted. 

Cancellations or changes can't be made after the ad deadline — all cancellations must be submitted in writing. A 25% reservation fee is going to be charged on all cancellations before the ad deadline.

Send your queries on our Email at and we will get back to you within same working day.

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