Top 10 Best Beauty Salons in India


Top 10 Best Beauty Salons in India

In today’s world of competition, this isn’t just competition on the idea of job and fortune but an equally huge struggle is on the idea of looks. Having attractiveness enhances your self-esteem and confidence. Most are aware of his or her look and need to offer the impression of being smart and stylish. Occasionally petty pimples become mammoth trouble for us while sometimes we are worried about a few frustrating and sticky blackheads. If you are looking for the top 10 best beauty salons in India we are to tell you a list. Keeping one well trained and following the newest trend are some things that each person belonging to this generation believes in. Staying in a salon is the absolute best solution to all or any of your woes. Here we share the top 10 best beauty salons in India.

1. Lakme 

Lakme salon is understood because it is the best salon in India bestowing the superior quality services and wonder products it offers to the population. The salon offers services of international level. The corporation is retained by Unilever and has over 270 pinnacle saloons and 10 Lakme Studios everywhere in the country. Their team is highly trained and they provide tremendous services and astounding makeovers. The good brand is endorsed by famous Bollywood Celebrities. They provide hair care, skincare, hand, and feet care also as bridal facilities. All their services are provided by them in accordance with constant trends. Lakme is the number 1 in the list from the top 10 best beauty salons in India.

2. Shahnaz Husain Salon

The salon is predicated on the merger of Ayurveda traditions with the latest scientific techniques. The group is leading the natural beauty and anti-aging actions market and follows the all-important principle of ‘Care & Cure’. Shahnaz has taken India’s ayurvedic to a global level and has accumulated tons of positive reception. The stylists are trained by experts and supply great services to the purchasers. Customer satisfaction is certain in each of its outlets.

3. Blunt

There are many chain salons that provide over-hyped services that aren't really satisfactory. But at B: blunt, you're bound to feel that you simply are becoming the treatment ‘fit for a celebrity. This was the idea behind the establishment of the salon brand by Adhun Akhtar and Osh Bhabani. The brand has salons situated in  Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, and Bangalore.

4. Metodo Rossano Ferretti

Delhi plays host to an outsized number of international events. For such events, many address the salon services of Metodo Rossano Ferretti. This salon was established to supply the methods employed by Rossano and Lorenza Ferretti. The salon is famed for offering the services of Dimitri Lafiandra, one of the simplest hairstylists in India.

5. L’oreal

L’oreal Professional may be a world-class brand that's chosen by a legion of girls. L’oreal products are making waves within the Indian market then is its chain of salons. It offers absolute education courses and exploits innovative technology. It offers many skins, hair, nails, and other beauty services. The brand is understood for being a hairdressing partner of several Indians. The brand is linked with top-notch designers, photographers, and fashion magazines and its outlets in most of the main cities.

6. Jawed Habib

Jawed Habib is one of the simplest beauty salons in India. The corporation now operates a complete 322 outlets around 21 nations, and therefore the country has eighty-three cities. The corporation is inspired by Jawed Habib, a famously skilled hairstylist who started the corporation with a vision to supply the country’s wider residents with quality hair styling and elegant services. Jawed Habib salons provide an array of hair also as beauty services while keeping the standard hallway mark synonymous with Jawed Habib.


With over 300 locations across 109 cities in 9 continents, including India, the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal, VLCC has revolutionized the sweetness and wellness sector. VLCC is widely known for its approaches to medical weight loss and its skin treatment rehabilitation approach. The VLCC care Line is formed from over 100 skincare, haircare, and body care products retailed from 10,000 sockets through quite 150 distributors, providing skincare solutions, body firming and shaping, foot care, hair care, pain relief. It's considered to be one of the simplest beauty salons in India.

8. Affinity Salon

Affinity Salon may be a chain of pricy and fashionable unisex salons that provide foreign hair and wonder treatment options requirements. Mr. Vishal Sharma has launched the primary of Affinity’s ten effectively established centers at the luxury Green Park market spot in Delhi. The division was founded in 1992 and set standards that have since become typical for several to adopt. and therefore the success of Green Park was repeated by Vishal Sharma with an equivalent name in Delhi with 16 different salon centers.


Aalim Hakim is one of the foremost wanted hairstylists in India. He learned the ploy of the trade from his father Mr. Halim Kairanvi, India’s leading celebrity hairstylist, who has styled for several famous Bollywood and Hollywood personalities.


Winner of the “Rising Star of the Year 2015” award, Vikas Marwah has styled various popular movie stars, fashion models, popular television celebrities, etc. His work has also been featured in numerous leading newspapers and magazines like Femina, Hair & Beauty, New Age Salon, Salon International, Beauty & Style, Health & Nutrition. This is the last and 10th salon from the list of the top 10 best beauty salons in India from our website.

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