Top 10 Websites Accepting Blogs For Fitness Guest Posts


Top 10 Websites Accepting Blogs For Fitness Guest Posts

Are you getting tired of searching blog post sites, then this is good news that we found an exclusive list of top 10 websites accepting blogs for fitness guest posts. Where you can post the related to many topics via simply following their guidelines.

1. Health Review Board 

Health Review Board is here to accept blogs for health, fitness, CBD, Marijuana, Weed,  and more. They are finding talented writers for their website with whom they can maintain a relationship for the future. You can submit an email at This is 1st site from the list of top 10 websites accepting blogs for fitness guest posts.

2. Developer Gang

Developer Gang is a high DA and DR website where you can submit your blogs for the long term. They have lots of visitors per month, so you do need to worry about traffic. Dear writers, please write DG’s email id Check website for Web Hosting Write For Us Category.

3. Business Glimpse 

Business Glimpse is a top-notch website accepting guest posts for all categories like health, fitness, tech, business, movies, and more. You can note the email id for submission of blogs and the email id is and wait for 24 hours for their revert. Check website for skincare write for us category.

4. Delta Pro Hike

If you are looking for a website that is accepting blogs for health, fitness, tech, relationship, cooking and more then Delta Pro Hike is the best space where you can submit the blogs. The best way to reach them is via their email id Check Fitness Write For Us page for more health options.

5. A Class Blogs 

Writers these days are looking for a website that accepts the categories like health, fitness, education, love, news, and more. Then stop searching here and there because  A-Class Blogs is the best website that accepts blogs and publishes if you follow their guidelines. To publish your blog on A-Class Blogs please do an email at Check their page for Health Blogs Write For Us category.

6. Shape Scale

Are you a fanatical fitness/health blogger? Have you ever just written some amazing, unique & informative content that must be shared with health and fitness fans alike? Well,  Shape's team wants to hear from you. Shape Scale wants you to submit guest posts on their website, if you fit with their rules and guidelines and if they require an interesting angle on a specific subject.

Here are a couple of topics we like to cover:

  • Digital Health
  • Fitness Trackers & Smartwatches
  • Body Composition, Nutrition, and Fitness and more
  • Tools/Strategies to reinforce Sports/Athletic Performance
  • Biohacking (within realms of legality!)
  • Quantified Self

7. Guest Post Tracker

Are you having a tough time bringing in traffic to your fitness site?

Even if you’re putting up great content or selling stellar products and services, it is often hard to ascertain the returns you’re trying to find if nobody is visiting your site.

If you’re not getting the type of website traffic you’d like, you would possibly want to think about paying for guest posts. There are many benefits of guest posting — that’s why 64 percent of bloggers write for multiple sites. To submit blogs on Guest Post Tracker please fill the contact form.

8. Grass Desk 

If you are facing trouble finding blogs submission sites, then the Grass Desk is here where you can share your talent here. You are allowed to submit guest posts at This is the 8th site from the list of top 10 websites accepting blogs for fitness guest posts. Check Lifestyle Write For Us category which is very popular in the website.

9. Traffic Box

Many people today are concerned about their health now quite ever thanks to the vast information on health at Traffic Box. This includes articles written on blogs as regards healthy living to assist make more people conscious of their health and help them improve on day-to-day. If you're hooked on health and fitness and you would like to ascertain more people keep a healthy lifestyle, otherwise you offer knowledgeable service within the health industry, you ought to consider guest posting.

10. E-fitness Help

You are invited to write over E-Fitness Help, if you have talent then please follow the guidelines and just write over the topic of their demand. Just do an email here at to submit your request. This is the 10th and last site from the list of top 10 websites accepting blogs for fitness guest posts.

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