Which is the best treatment for lower respiratory tract infections?


Which is the best treatment for lower respiratory tract infections?

Respiratory infection is pretty common. Treatment is necessary because it affects the way you breathe. So, timely attention is necessary. Now, talking about lower respiratory tract infection, it affects the lungs and the part below the vocal cords. Bronchitis, tuberculosis, and pneumonia are some common examples.

Lower respiratory tract infection symptoms include:

1) Sore throat

2)Runny nose

3)Dry Cough

4)Difficulty breathing

5) Fever

These symptoms can get severe. So, you need to pay attention at the right time.

Lower respiratory infection treatment can vary from home remedies to professional treatment. Initially, you can start with home remedies and take enough rest. 

You can combine these with OTC medications to get some initial relief. If that doesn’t work you need to visit a certified doctor. Contact him and inform him about your condition. He will diagnose and provide you with a customized line of treatment. This might include antibiotics and inhalers. 

Now, if the case is severe, the doctor may use IV fluids, breathing support, and antibiotics. So, the respiratory infection treatment depends on your diagnosis. Don’t forget to visit the doctor because, in the end, only professional help works.

Which is the best treatment? 

Your immune system. If you expect magic from your MD, he’ll give you a prescription for a “wide spectrum” antibiotic. That’s one that kills any bacteria it encounters, good and bad. Yes, we have good, protective bacteria, in all of us.

By the time you get the prescription paper, your immune system will have already identified the one bacteria that has invaded those cells, where they are, and has made antibodies against only them. All will be killed in five or six days; the prescribed antibiotic will be at least two days late, compared to your white blood cells, and may actually kill a few of the invaders, but most of its damage will occur in your gut, after you swallow the pills.

There is growing concern that antibiotics are disrupting and weakening the gut biome, possibly enough to allow unnatural bacteria to take their place. Some suggest that is behind many of what they call autoimmune diseases, that seem to come from nowhere. Be careful with antibiotics; they’re suspected of causing MRSA mutations that no antibiotic can kill. Those with weak immune systems are endangered.

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