Submit Blog Post on Health Review Board Website


Submit Blog Post on Health Review Board Website

The Health Review Board is a useful platform for content creators, entrepreneurs, and marketers. It has all the information you need to build a following on social media.

The greatest coverage of the subjects that are most important to our audience is what we strive to deliver. Therefore, through our guest posting program, we are looking for creators, entrepreneurs, and social media experts to share their knowledge.

Our requirements are rigorous because we're looking for the best stories, suggestions, and informative entries. Your team and our content team will collaborate closely to produce a polished final result. 

Interested? More information is provided below.

Writing Instructions for Submit Blog Post

Writing articles that offer our readers useful tools, suggestions, and tactics that they can put to use.

  • Give readers tips on submitting blog Post they may use right away after reading 
  • Share original viewpoints on issues that are deemed to be oversaturated, similar to how you might on social media. 
  • Assets Required.
  • A brief biography in 2–3 sentences.
  • Links to your website, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • email associated with a Gravatar account.
  • Publishing  Guidelines.

The following conditions must be satisfied for us to publish your content.

  • Only submit your content using Google Docs.
  • We welcome submissions of 2,000 words or more. 
  • The article must be unique to our website, original, and free of any traces of plagiarism. 
  • The piece ought to be instructive and helpful. Feel free to use humor in the piece as long as it's appropriate.
  • Use current statistics that you have used to support all of your claims: The best place to begin is using PrimoStats. We must cite our sources and provide data and facts to support anything in the age of fake news.
  • Cite any references you utilize to any data, information, pictures, or other works.
  • Each of your arguments should be supported by concrete, measurable instances.

Visual Prerequisites

  • Include screenshots, videos, social network posts, and more to illustrate each case.
  • Three visual components should be present in your draught at the very least.
  • Do not use stock photos, please.


We adore it when our guest writers find a way to provide links to previous articles that are relevant to the subject at hand. Links ought to be pertinent and helpful to the reader.

Backlinks will be removed if we determine them to be spammy, irrelevant, or used in an exaggerated example. The article will be rejected if there are more than three of these kinds of links, and we won't get in touch with you for any other guest articles.

We will remove all but one of your backlinks if you repeatedly use them, even if they are pertinent.

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