Can an echocardiogram detect clogged arteries?

echocardiogram detect clogged arteries

Sometimes, but usually not.
They are usually (when present) in the Left atrial appendage and that area is not seen by the transthoracic echo.
But can be seen on transesophageal echo.

Please note: I originally answered the question “Can an echocardiogram detect blood clots”. Quora has incorrectly changed the question to “clogged arteries” and my answer is not correct for the changed question.

Echocardiograms are real-time images of the heart; when looking for “clogged arteries”, a different technique is used: ultrasound & doppler of the arteries in question—not the heart.

Echo-cardiogram is used to diagnose the proper functioning of heart chambers (2-Atria, 2-ventricles ) as well as Heart valves (Bi-cuspid and tri-cuspid). It is an ultrasound-based technology that uses an electrode to check the proper blood flow from Atria to ventricles through heart valves.

To diagnose the blockage of arteries or say blood vessels angiography technique is used. It shows widening, narrowing or blockages of blood vessels.

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