Can marijuana help treat anxiety?

 Can marijuana help treat anxiety

Cannabis or Marijuana can help you with your anxiety. It is one of the most typical problems for which people are applying for a medical card. Nevertheless, sometimes, the connection between cannabis and anxiety can be a bit complex.

While marijuana is treating many anxiety patients to manage their condition, some claim the opposite too. Those people say that marijuana makes them more anxious or worried.

But why does this issue occur?

This usually occurs because of the “biphasic effect” of the THC in the herb. 

Biphasic effect means that the compound affects the customer in various ways as per the amount they consume. 

In naive words, if you consume less THC, the effects on your anxiety condition are positive. But if you consume more than required or expected than normal, the effects reverse. So, in short, to control your anxiety, you need to consume either less marijuana or get a strain with low THC content.

Below are a few strains that may assist you to manage your anxiety:

  • - ACDC
  • - Remedy
  • - Charlotte’s Web
  • - Harle-Tsu
  • - Critical Mass
  • - Cherry Wine

These all marijuana strains have nice CBD content. But if you still want to go for THC dominant one, once again, keep it low. And we strongly recommend you to consult your doctor before any use. 

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