Mental Health Fitness in day to day Life

 Mental Health Fitness in day to day Life

Mental health is often being confused with depression, anxiety, loneliness, overthinking etc. but these are just some phases of mental health illness. So first, we need to understand the actual meaning of what mental health is.

Here are 10 ways to become mentally stronger.

Avoid bad mental habits: What habits make you mentally weaker? Mindlessly scrolling on Instagram for hours or binge-watching every day? Find it and root it out.

Delay-gratification: Learn to focus and work without getting distracted and giving in to instant gratifications like notifications, food etc.

Challenge yourself: Make a list of all the things that scare you and do them. It could be asking out your crush or starting a business.

Mental spotlight: It’s very easy to look for why a situation or life is bad. Train yourself to look for proof otherwise, find out why it’s good instead of being bad.

Change friends: Your friends who aren’t on your level will only drag you down. Find people who are on or above your level.

Be curious: We as humans came so far because of our curiosity. Always be willing to learn something new.

Self-esteem exercise: List out three things you like about yourself and do this daily. It could be how you complimented someone or anything that makes you feel good about yourself.

Inner-dialogues: How will you feel if you keep saying to yourself that you are stupid? Find ways to develop positive self-talk.

Deal with emotions: Stressed, angry? Don’t ignore it, deal with it. Go for a run, exercise whatever it is for you, learn to deal with it.

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Stop complaining: It’s not about why my life sucks, it’s about how I can make it better.

There are many simple ways to improve our mental health fitness in our day to day life:
We have listed more tips for Mental Health Fitness to keep reading.

#1 Wake up early in the morning: You might be thinking this is some sort of lesson in Kg 2 grade. But trust me this is one of the best things to do for your fit mental health. Waking up early brings so much positivity in your life that you can actually feel some positive change, even if it is a small change it can bring you so much happiness.

#2 Don’t check up on your mobile phone after waking up: Okay! This is a tough one. The first thing we do when we wake up is check up on our notifications and all. 

Well whom to blame, we all are living in a world where the Mobile phone is more important than anything even our own mental health! If you want to be mentally fit, checking your notifications first thing in the morning will do no good to you. Instead wake up, go to your balcony, feel the nature; drink chai (tea) or coffee. Trust me you’ll feel like you were missing so much in your life. Try once you’ll actually feel so happy.

#3 Make your bed: Yes! Making your bed is also a part of your Fit Mental Health. When you start doing small things for you, it’ll actually make you feel worthy, belonging, responsible and important to you. All these feelings are very necessary for your mental health fitness. So start making your bed from tomorrow!

#4 Make your day-to-day routine and follow it: After waking up early and making your bed you should follow your day-to-day routine like bathing, having breakfast, lunch, doing your favourite activities etc. When you maintain your routine it gives you purpose to live your life happily and that too in your own way. This helps in reduce overthinking, any negative thoughts and will lead you to fit mental health.

#5 Do the thing that you love: Doing things that you love the most reduces 90% chances of your mental health illness. When you add the things you love in your day-to-day routine, you start loving yourself more, believe in yourself, grow new skills, and enjoy living your life to the fullest which will improve your mental health fitness. 

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