Useful Brain Hack that Everyone Should Know

 Useful Brain Hack that Everyone Should Know

Your mind is a complex thing. One of its useful and potentially dangerous skills is immersion. When you get trapped in a thought cycle, your mind almost becomes like a really good movie in a very good theatre. You don’t know that you’re in a movie, you’re just so immersed in what you are experiencing.

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Check out the tips for Useful Brain Hack that Everyone Should Know:

  • The most famous tip for getting motivated is to simply visualize your success. But research has found that, If you imagine yourself instantly successful, it will actually sap your motivation to go out and achieve your goals. A better strategy would be to visualize yourself completing the steps it will take to reach your goals. So, if you’re trying to lose weight, instead of visualizing your perfect body, visualize eating healthy & doing a workout.
  • Incentivizing things that are already enjoyable and rewarding can decrease your motivation. The Research published in 2018 suggests that, when people are given extrinsic rewards for tasks that they already find intrinsically motivating, then they will become less interested in the task in the future.
  • The Parkinson’s Law (your work always expands to fill the available time for its completion) works because it creates a false sense of urgency and gives a tangible starting point and ending point to a task. It’s hard for you to get started and stay focused when your mind is not clear about when it will end.
  • Research has found that, people who slouch experience more bad moods, & poor confidence than those with upright posture. You can try it by yourself right now, staring at the ceiling & start smiling like crazy, it’s hard to feel sad when your body isn’t aligned with your emotion.
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