Can you smoke weed every day and still become successful?

Can you smoke weed every day and still become successful?

Let’s say you'll but it’s not prudent.

I’ve built 3 companies, 2 still working, one for over 10 years and prosperous I’ll need to admit, nevertheless, the days I’ve required to urge things done I don’t smoke, maybe I’ll reserve it for the already dark but that’s a gift for employment well done, if the work isn’t done then I’m not supported it.

Then the opposite organization that didn’t compute was with a lover, also someone who smokes, they instead smoked 24/7, and while we got certain things done, between the opposite two companies and this one I needed my partner to play the sport and do the work. the weed stopped that from happening and zip I could say would change that.

I’d say it’s 50/50. counting on your oneself type and motivation.

The work you are doing must interest you and you want to know further and need to understand EVERYTHING! you need to see the days you are doing smoke and revolve your life during work and not your ‘smoking times’.

Finally, the question is that the same as those that have and luxuriate in a couple of whiskeys after work vs those that get drunk and are available in hungover… one are going to be victorious, the other?… not such a lot.

I’d think whoever is reading the solution is going to be no you can’t achieve success with smoking a day and my reasoning is as follow.

If you wanted to be victorious you’d be adjusting on the corporate the hustle the benefit.

but instead, you’re worried about weed and success… you’re focused more on weed than the success of whatever you’re eager to do and don’t have a passion or drive to try to do the work enthusiastically albeit it means 20 hours a day hebdomadally for subsequent 4 years, maybe smoking to settle down and sleep when can’t get that rest but everything else targeting progress and as long times because it gets for it to arrive.

Don’t smoke weed and check out build progress, If you’re examining this problem then the solution is already clear, weed is already preoccupying your thoughts quite the success of whatever it's you’re doing.

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