Is ADHD a myth?

 Is ADHD a myth?

No, it's not. I even have lived with ADHD my entire life and once you do this you choose abreast of certain things. a day I see folks that don’t get to rise and walk around just to believe focusing. 

You see the difference between you and therefore the normal person sitting next to you. I'm going to observe tv and an hour later I even have learned the way to play between on the piano(actually happens btw). that's how I see the difference but there's also medical proof. 

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There has been a replacement study showing that the brain of somebody with ADHD is slower at developing in up to 5 segs of the brain. additionally, some neurotransmitters are defective. believe it like this, the image you've got nothing wrong with ur brain so your brain's neurotransmitters are on a highway, they get on and off at the proper exits and everyone go precisely the regulation. this enables your brain to function properly, it works differently in my brain. 

On my highway my neurotransmitters don’t get on and off at the proper stop and that they sometimes get in crashes. My neurotransmitters don’t go where they have to all or any the time so it causes my brain to not work quite as properly as yours.

Anyway, I feel you get the purpose and the way ADHD isn’t a myth.

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