Is it harmful to hold in vape smoke?

 Is it harmful to hold in vape smoke?

There are some appalling lies and much ignorance shown within the answers to the present question. It’s caused by VERY future exposure to VERY high levels of Diacetyl. This was only found in popcorn factories and other personalities who got it worked there for many years. 

there's considerably more (like 10x more) Diacetyl in cigarette smoke than there wont to be in vape juice. 

Reputable manufacturers have not used Diacetyl for flavoring anyway. Not for several years. Popcorn lung is therefore a scare story repeated by ill-educated people during a desperate plan to smear vaping.

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As for people holding their vape in their lungs for an extended time…… If you are doing an equivalent with the air you'll still breathe more heavily than you otherwise would and possibly feel light-headed. 

The body still must breathe people……. But when inhaling vape, you continue to absorb a pleasant amount of air. If people can inhale large amounts of cigarette smoke and still absorb enough air then the vapor isn’t getting to be a difficulty.

The amount of nicotine you're taking in depends entirely on the combination you employ. Most large bottles within the UK are now sold without nicotine and are available with a little nicotine bottle to feature. If you add LOADS to the bottle then you’ll absorb high amounts of nicotine. If you don’t, you won’t. It’s that straightforward.

Hot poisonous gases were mentioned….. If there was the slightest hint that vaping produced hot poisonous gases then the whole industry would be banned by health authorities immediately. It doesn’t, so it isn’t. It produces a vapor mainly of water with nicotine (if you added it).

The bell glass experiments? Don’t make me laugh…. The cigarette was inhaled continuously until it burned out….. Unless you'll inhale continuously for 4 minutes then it’s not relevant. The vape was done in an equivalent way…. continuously. 

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You’ll notice that folks vape by inhaling for a couple of seconds then stops. If you retain your vape trigger down for quite 10–15 seconds it'll burn the coil and you'll then inhale bad stuff but nobody does it because NOBODY INHALES FOR quite a couple of SECONDS. These “tests” are therefore utter nonsense.

I should also mean that folks are still calling it smoke or vape smoke. Please check out a dictionary for the definition of smoke! What comes from a vape may be a vapor…. That’s why it’s called a vape people!

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