Is vaping on a burnt coil dangerous, health-wise?

Is vaping on a burnt coil dangerous, health-wise?

If that was the sole way you ever vape, sure that probably would ruin your lungs, if your stuck in traffic, and just cannot wait till your home to swap coils, then Nah you ought to be ok. Depends on what proportion you are doing it, I might not recommend it for an excessive amount of your time, because after a short time the coil itself might start to burn, this is often why I only use rebuildable, 

I got uninterested in buying coils constantly, and also getting that burnt coil taste right after refilling my tank, did that about twice and switched to RDA/RTA after about 2 weeks of sub-ohm tank vaping.

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But yeah I might not recommend vaping a burnt coil for an extended time, like I said if your during a situation where you only can’t swap your coil, meh I might not worry if you're trying to save lots of money by doing that with every coil you employ then yes it probably will have negative side effects. You just got to be consistently burning the cotton, the coil, and therefore the gunk residue buildup on the cotton/coil, more and more till you're vaping unwanted chemical byproducts.

You have to understand vaping is safer because you're NOT BURNING anything, just vaporizing liquid, so a bit like burning tobacco, which is what creates the really bad chemicals, the particular act of burning, (btw same thing that creates wood smoke, or any toxic smoke) so if you're inhaling burning cotton/coil your inhaling chemicals because shit burning equals chemicals that normally wouldn't be there being released, Hell might also smoke a cigarette, and I’m an ex-smoker turned vaper, so I don’t say that in jest.

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If you can't live that long without nicotine, till you'll buy more coils, either put a drop or two of e-liquid on your tongue, that’s what I do if I cannot vape. Or better yet switch to rebuildable tank atomizers or rebuildable drip atomizers.

I have heard the unity profile mesh RTA, I own the RDA it’s specialized, but I even have heard the RTA version is just about sort of a sub-ohm tank, and you'll get 10 mesh strips for 5$ and a few cotton for 10–15$ on Amazon, I’d get cotton bacon prime, or Koh gen does, or Muji, and you'll burn the crud off the mesh and reuse an equivalent mesh strip for a month, and just replace the cotton every 5–6 tanks, or depends how you vape.

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Some heavy vapers switch to rebuildable and DIY juice to save lots of money, also always buy everything, coils, juice, and your hardware mods/tanks/RTA/RDA whatever ONLINE lol, local vape shops are ridiculously expensive, yes even for coils, you'll find good deals if you shop around, and therefore the costs are so freakin huge of a difference. 

For instance, I even have bought two 60ml bottles for 50$ from my local vape shop, then a subsequent week I got 5 bottles for around 50$ from a web store (with a 20% code, w/o a code it woulda been around 65$ still an enormous difference) Don’t even get me started on mods and atomizers, but you've got to be smart, just cause an area features a fancy website doesn't mean their prices are worthwhile, element vape, eight vapes, breezy, my pro…(.com) all have badass prices and are definitely legit that I do know of needless to say.

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