Why are some US states legalizing marijuana?

 Why are some US states legalizing marijuana?

I hate people bringing within the argument that they create tax from it.

More tax is formed from people that sell marijuana illicitly, believe it, or not.


If you sell a tonne legally, you create around £/$/Euro 4 million, this money can either be invested or put straight into accounts within the Bahamas or Switzerland and you don’t get taxed.

If you sell it illicitly you want to first launder the cash you create through a business to legitimize it.

  • you get charged tax on the rent.
  • you get charged tax on the licenses
  • You get charged tax on the workers
  • You get charged tax on the products you purchase to supply your business(es) services.
  • You get charged tax on your profits (unless you're enormous like Microsoft, Google, or Apple.)
So tell me, how exactly does any state make more revenue from taxes by legalizing it?

I don’t smoke cannabis, I don’t just like the feeling or smell. But I'm one among the most advocates for legalization, undue to the profits and crap about “removing it from the hands of the criminals” but because there's nothing wrong with it. I just wish that more people would realize the legalization stops people from being obliged to pay taxes thereon. After all, if here within the UK we started importing it from holland, it might be cheaper and that they wouldn't pay tax thereon thanks to trade agreements, same with Mexico -> USA -> Canada.

Yes, it might save the government on their agencies having to arrest the “ringleaders” of smuggling groups. it might also potentially lessen the “thieving of electricity” by people (this happens a lot within the UK, unsure about other places) tapping into the electrical supply or somehow making it so that the property that they need crops growing is charged to a different location - this is often required as running 4 - 10 UV lamps, alongside the opposite equipment day in outing causes an enormous spike in electricity bills.

It also removes the very fact these same government agencies actively assist and protect certain criminals smuggling groups.

Ever heard of the CIA/ Contra scandal? resulting in the Harlem crack epidemic.

How about how the CIA owns the Golden Crescent and Golden Triangle opium-growing lands in SouthEast Asia?

How Whitey Bulger, the top of Irish crime mob, being protected by his senator brother (yes there are a couple of movies thereon, but they're supported true events).

La Camorra, Ndrangheta, The Mexican cartels, a number of the present Colombian groups, The Bolivian president even boosted the growth of the Coca plant, it's utilized in their country anyway for chewing because it helps with hypoxia and other things such as a lot of it's made into tea.

If an agency finds a gaggle trying to smuggle 1 tonne of cannabis into the united kingdom, through the Thames, they're going to not destroy that 1 tonne. they're going to confiscate it and sell it further up north during a place like Scotland or Liverpool.

It being illegal just means they will legally steal it to sell on, this money getting used to fund operations that the general public won't realize, or just lining the pockets of these involved.

It is like once you hear a few raids finding £100,000 HA ha HA, they found £250,000but the £150,000 went missing.

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