Why do people want to get high?

Why do people want to get high?

Not all people love getting high but yeah, mostly they are doing. Getting high causes you to be more relaxed and it takes the sting off for touch while. There are different sorts of high though and other people roll in the hay for various reasons.

Cocaine: It helps you stay active or energetic for an extended time. That's why most people might roll in the hay just to extend efficiency.

Acid/LSD/Mushrooms: It causes you to hallucinate and thus amplify your thinking skills. So some people roll in the hay only for brainstorming ideas.

Marijuana: It just causes you to be more relaxed. People eat/smoke this just to relax for touch while.

Now, I’m not saying that these are good for health, nor am I promoting the use of those drugs. But just saying, if it causes you to feel better, there’s no harm in doing it once during a while.

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