As a 16 Year Old, How do I Obtain Medical Marijuana?

As a 16 year old, how do I obtain medical marijuana?


The legal age to obtain cannabis is 18 and above provided you have a signed medical cannabis recommendation from a state-licensed doctor. You will require a cannabis recommendation if you reside in a state that only allows medical cannabis use. For states with complete legalization, you don't need a medical cannabis recommendation. 

Although patients who have a medical cannabis recommendation can avail of certain advantages. For instance, MMJ cardholders can save tax on cannabis purchases. 

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They can also possess and carry the legal limit without having to worry about the police authorities. So, getting a medical marijuana recommendation is a personal choice in states with complete legalization. 

For patients who have medical problems and they live in a state that only allows medical marijuana use, definitely requires a doctor's approval. 

This means that you have to get a recommendation from a state-licensed or registered doctor to avail of high-quality marijuana products. The bottom line is that anyone under the age of 18 is not allowed to use marijuana. The only exception is: a patient under the age of 18 has a severe or debilitating medical condition, he or she will be allowed to use medical cannabis. 

However, under-aged patients are supposed to have a designated caregiver (21 years and above) in order to treat their medical condition with medical cannabis. Not only this but they are also required to have rec signed by a medical marijuana doctor.

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