How does a tourist get a California Medical Marijuana Card?


How does a tourist get a California Medical Marijuana Card?

California allows out-of-state medical marijuana card holders to avail of cannabis as long as they consume it within state borders. And I think the same applies to tourists who come from different countries. 

The only difference is that they have to get a cannabis recommendation from a licensed medical marijuana doctor first to legally consume cannabis in California. 

The same rule does not apply to states like New York. NY has strict rules and they only allow state residents to consume marijuana for medical reasons. 

So, whether or not you will be allowed to get a medical marijuana card in the US depends on the state cannabis laws of that particular state. 

California medical marijuana is legal which means you can use, possess, and carry medical cannabis as long as you have a cannabis recommendation signed and approved by a state-licensed doctor. 

Also, you will be allowed to consume cannabis privately as long as you are within the state borders of California. This means that you should not even think about traveling with cannabis across state borders.

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