Stress, anxiety, nervousness and its relation with ED

 Stress, anxiety, nervousness and its relation with ED

The erectile dysfunction is a prominent physical condition which has already impacted round 18 million of individuals in US alone above the age group of 20 years.  

With the growing age, the risk of the occurrence of impotence also raises. But it is not that the problem of erection failure always has its association with age. 

There are also many of the males who will be experiencing the symptoms of ED at certain point in life. However the good thing is that once the exact cause of this specific physical ailment is identified, the problem can be cured after administration of most appropriate treatment. As far as the cause of this physical ailment is concerned, it can be physiological, psychological or social as well. 

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Physiological factors are common cause of impotence

The success rate of the therapy will be dependent upon the underlying condition of the patient. The research studies have already demonstrated that it is the physiological factors that are the most common cause of impotence. 

Such factors can be cured in most of the cases. The psychological factors which are serving as another causative agent of this erectile dysfunction include increased stress, anxiety and also nervousness.  

The stress, anxiety and nervousness are certain specific psychological conditions that impact the manner in which human brain actually signals out the physical responsiveness of body. 

In the situation of erection, it is the stress and at the same time anxiety which carry out the interruption of the manner in which brain will be sending out the messages towards organ region for facilitating the conduction of extra blood flow. 

Psychogenic impotence

When there is an existence of outside stressors along with other types of psychological factors, and are serving as the reason behind the erection failures, such factors lead to psychogenic impotence.  

When a person experiences stress, anxiety and nervousness, it is serving as the mental distraction, thereby making is extremely hard for him to focus on intercourse. 

Also there occurs performance anxiety in males, when they focus all their attention on negative thinking/ worries about meeting their partner’s expectations & not on physical stimulation which is the reason for their arousal itself. 

So, with the passage of time the stress, nervousness & also performance anxiety will be playing en eminent role in lowering the self esteem, confidence along with communication with the partner. This may even be the cause the conflicting relationships or resentment as well.

Erectile Dysfunction & mental Health

The nervousness, stress and performance anxiety has its close association with impotence. At times, males undergo through the stress as well as anxiety about performing during the physical intercourse or whether they will be able to please their partner or not. 

So when any individual start feeling that they are not capable of meeting their partner’s precise expectations, they will begin to feel their unworthiness or incapability. Such feeling of unworthiness causes low self esteem and the person starts experiencing physical symptoms of stress as well as anxiety. So such psychological factors are also serving as significant contributors that are attributed towards symptoms of erectile failures in males.

In such a situation, psychological therapies as well as counseling which include the cognitive behavioral procedures may found to be eminent in overcoming all the major concerns that an individual is having about the performance in bed and associated ED symptoms. 

How to cope up with ED related stresses, anxiety & nervousness?

When a person is experiencing ED which has been related stress, anxiety, it is extremely eminent to communicate with the physician and discuss about the personalized health & at the same time your lifestyle. 

The doctor will be capable of advising you about whether this stress, anxiety and nervousness that you are experiencing is responsible for your erectile symptoms or not. Thus it is extremely eminent for the patient to discuss your initial signs of impotence. 

The reason is that this physical ailment could also be the sign of other physiological health issues which may include cardiac syndrome, hypertension along with diabetes. 

However when the stress, anxiety are serving as the contributory factors for causing you the erectile failures, then doctor may recommend you some specialized strategies that help in combating your symptoms:

Talk therapies

There are certain talk strategies that can be adopted as a alternative tactics for dealing with stress, performance anxiety issues and resolving any sort of relationship problems that you may be having with your partner. 

This may include one to one personalized therapy, couples counseling that might be of help in case stress and anxieties are having an impact on your love life.

Alternative remedies

Certain specific exercises can be tried out which are serving as an awesome strategies for providing relief against stress. This also results in the improvement in cardio vascular health which will ultimately prove to be advantageous for your physical health as well. 

You can also adopt certain other specialized stress and anxiety relieving strategies which include yoga, meditation or acupuncture therapies etc. or use Fildena 100 or Fildena 150 for erection. 

Lifestyle alteration

When the physical health of the person remains intact, there will be achievement of good erections as well. So through the adoption of some simple alternations in lifestyle like consuming balanced diet, exercising regularly, quitting smoking or limiting the intake of alcohol, you might be capable of relieving yourself from the ED symptoms. 

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