What rights do you lose when you get a medical marijuana card?

 What rights do you lose when you get a medical marijuana card?

I wouldn’t consider it losing rights, it’s more like replacing some privileges with some other ones.

Here are some of the privileges that you lose when you get a medical marijuana card. The first one is the guns right.

Due to the federal guidelines, gun sellers are not allowed to sell guns to people who use marijuana. They can even be punished for doing so.

The second one is employment. Even though cannabis is legal in your state, it is not allowed in your workplace. Businesses have the right to fire employees who use cannabis, even in legal states.

The only exception is in the states that have passed protections for marijuana using workers. The next one is military service. Active-duty military members are not allowed to use cannabis, even if they are in a state that has legalized marijuana use. The last privilege that you lose is insurance.

There are basically no restrictions when it comes to what an insurance company can use as a condition to refuse to cover you. Oftentimes, medical or life insurance companies use previous cannabis use as a cause for refusing to cover people.

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