Here’s why you are not adding muscles

 Here’s why you are not adding muscles

When it comes to adding muscle mass to your body, there are many factors that contribute to this function. Even though you are following a strict diet, training hard, and even found the best shop to purchase steroids, it isn’t working. Why, you ask? 

We are going to answer that and more in this article. Keep reading:

When You Over-train, Your Body is Under-Recovery

When you weight train and lift weight, you tear down your muscles. Lifting weights does not add to muscle gain. You would get gains only when you allow your muscles to recover from all the hard work and grind at the gym. There are many forms of recovery that help gain muscle and boost general health too. 

  • Nutrition
  • Mobility
  • Sleep


When the body gets fuel after and before working out and what you have determines your performance. Also, whether or not you are going to gain weight. If you don’t eat the right food, you are not going to feel right. You are what you eat after all. Following a nutritious diet helps in recovering your muscles from the weights and grow back stronger and fuller. 

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Everyone can benefit from having improved flexibility and mobility. It is not for the people who meditate and do yoga. If you are into weightlifting and fail to boost and maintain your range of motion, chances are that you are going to injure yourself. Adding mobility work to your routine regularly is going to assist the body in better recovery from training and even increasing your muscle gain, overall health and strength.


Sure, everyone has different routines and work schedules. However, getting at least 7 hours of quality sleep is crucial. If you slept poorly the night before or have a poor sleep routine in general, you cannot perform well at the gym. You can eat unhealthy food and still manage to ace it at your workout. 

But, if you didn’t sleep well, it can impact your energy and concentration levels.  When you don’t sleep much, it increases the levels of cortisol –the stress hormone. This leads to more body fat and fewer muscle gains. 

You Are More Interested in Testing Instead of Building

A common mistake that many builders are guilty of is thinking that the more they lift, the better their chances of packing muscles.  Sure, you need to do a lot of lifting and certainly, going beyond your comfort level also works. However, that is not the only thing that is going to help you gain. Many people add more weights on the bar and are unable to handle it. 

They miss a lot of reps and failing their set. You are not supposed to take every session as a completion. Take them as building blocks and then you would see how you add to your strength and add muscle. For that, pay attention to volume in your training plan. It is the total amount of weight that you lift in a workout. It is an integral in your progress. Your trainer can help you with that. 

Your Focus is More on Isolation and Machine Exercises

A large chunk of the gym population focuses on isolation movements. As a result, most of the compound movements are ignored. When you are serious towards adding muscles to your goal, then think of workouts as a three course meal. In which:

Appetizer – Warmups

Main Course – Compound Lifts

Dessert – Isolation exercises

You must know what compound exercises are. They are multi-joint exercises that add more than one muscle group at a time. They also include presses, deadlifts, squats, and pull-ups. Compound movements increase your muscles and also help your journey of getting stronger. 

The stronger you get overtime; the more muscle fibers you engage in. Whether it is an isolation exercise or compound lift, your muscles grow the more you engage them in movement and the more weight you can handle.

You need to be strong to handle muscles. You cannot get strong by merely doing curls. The body gets stronger when it engages the maximum amount of muscle fibers so it can move an external load. Isolation movements help in pumping blood if they are your only focus. 

If you focus on lifting with big compound movements, you would be engaging more motor units that lead to more muscles, gains, and strength.

Lack of Variety in Your Routine

One of the key aspects of building muscles is exercise. Also, when you started working out at first and felt sore the very next day, your muscles were not accustomed to working out and felt sore the next day. Also, your muscles were just getting used to the hard work. 

Regardless if you are a beginner or an experienced one, your muscles are going to respond to your new movements. Once they become used to them, you will not feel sore anymore. 

Muscles get bored fast. If you have stuck with the same routine exercises with the same weight and intensity, and not seeing any results, its time to add some new exercises. Add a little dash of this and that in your program not doing something random every other day. This is to challenge your muscles so they don’t get bored.

Another way to add variety to your workout is by using the same exercise but changing their order in your workout program. For example, if you begin with squats on leg day, try doing lunges or hip thrusts first. If bench presses start your chest day, create a new stimulus by doing an incline press.

These are some of the tried and tested methods that are bound to get you some amazing transformative results. Along with this, don’t forget to add some of the best.

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