How to Improve The Terpene Levels in Your Growing Marijuana Plants?


How to Improve The Terpene Levels in Your Growing Marijuana Plants?

Does growing excite you? If that’s the case, understanding California weed laws for growing marijuana will come handy. After all, you would not want to entertain any fine or jail time for something illegal. So. let’s go back to the original topic. The importance of terpenes and how can you improve the levels while growing marijuana.

For starters, no one can deny that aroma can have an incredible impact on your mind and body. The sweet fruity taste, the skunky smell, can help soothe you and re-energize you. That’s how cannabis buds make you fall in love with them. But, it’s not the cannabinoids but terpenes that are responsible for distinct flavors and smell. The development of terpenes was a part of its evolution to repel insects or predators that could affect its growth. 

However, there is growing research confirming that terpenes could do more than that. For instance, they could trigger the therapeutic mechanism of cannabis. And that’s not all; they could provide a few medicinal benefits themselves. So, if you are considering growing terpene-rich cannabis strains, here is how you can maximize their production. 

Nutrient-laden Soil

Like any other plant, marijuana also requires proper soil to grow healthy. That’s how one can finally produce potent buds rich in terpenes. You can go for natural nutrients or artificial supplements. Experts suggest both provide similar nutritive value. 

However, make sure you don’t go overboard with the supplementation. If not, you can flush your plants at least two to three weeks before the final harvesting period. Research suggests you need to make your soil “super” or abundant in microbes to give your plants the required nutrition by mimicking their actual environment. 

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Low-Stress Training 

If you wish to trigger the cascade of events that initiate the production of terpenes, stress techniques might be useful. You can try bending the branches a little. This will help you to produce terpenes rich cannabis buds. But, make sure you stress them a little. Otherwise, your plants will get damaged by such extreme conditions. 

Expose Your Plants to UV Light 

Research suggests that cannabis produces trichomes while trying to protect themselves from UV rays. And terpenes are produced in those glands. Higher the concentration of trichomes, the more your buds will have terpene content. It would take around two to three weeks during the blooming phase to produce the right amount of terpenes. 

So, learning about the prominent UV light used by experts for extensive terpene production might help. And while doing so, you can give a bit of your time to study the California weed laws as well. 

Ideal Temperature And Humidity Conditions 

Temperature and humidity play a critical role in terpene production. It is important to note that the temperature needs to be below 80°F for the last six weeks of the flowering stage. 

Anything beyond that will cause a loss in the terpenes. One can lower the temperature a bit during nights. Make sure to maintain the humidity around 50% during the flowering stage to maximize the production of terpenes. You can lower down the humidity levels by around 30% a few days before the final harvest time to enhance the terpene production. 

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