Sexual Problem Faced By Men in Lockdown

 Sexual Problem Faced By Men In Lockdown

In Covid Pandemic happen many couples are in the house for a long period of time since two weeks to two-month couples are stay together but there are many conflicts problem also come out due to this lockdown because of stress and anxiety is a major source of crisis in a couple relationship. 

There are many much-broken heart problems coming out of this pandemic and many relationships get strong which can get conflicts last many days. There are both points of plus and minus effects on relationships in lockdown periods. 

But the majorly sexual problem are facing by men due to anxiety about wealth management, health management, eating stressful food become weight gainer. There are many counseling doctors available in this pandemic for overcoming any conflicts faces by men and women also in any family problem faced they can also guide that. 

This Lockdown Affection On Your Libido

In New York city relationship and family sex therapist, Ian Kerna who is said there is a dip effect on couple sex and decrease libido when lockdown starts in many countries have this problem. It is notable conflicts between the couple about social, political, and in-laws which can harm to decrease libido, and sometimes men can get in erectile dysfunction problem which is not easily resolved due to conflicts. 

There are surely pills available which called generic Viagra and easily available online like selling fildena and cenforce 100 types of pills which are helpful to you get erect while low libido on even in anxiety period as well for women there is love pink pill available to get in the mood.

A portion of the things that cause inconstancy in your drive incorporates your age, prescriptions, smoking and drinking propensities, confidence, self-perception, and your present relationship with your sexual accomplice. These things influence charisma with or without a pandemic, as per Kerner.

How to deal with stress and anxiety

From a psychological point of view, the entire global lockdown gives us a subconscious level up also affects the subconscious level that this is not a safe or stable time to procreate, according to Alisa Ruby Bash, family therapist, in Malibu, California.

Stress, anxiety, and depression can reduce your sex and increase the chance of erectile dysfunction problem. The lockdown situation has been a major source of all three come in the human mind, Come on initial days shock and fear in the early days of the lockdown, Also time to time changing pandemic policies government, mixed messages, and no clear end in sight.

To get this corona and lockdown stress will about getting sick, losing loved ones, infecting others, on top of all the wealth  problem so many have experienced, including the loss of jobs, lifelong dreams, and businesses many other factors

There are many other worries about which can directly impact your sexual performance and sex drive if you can not be resolved that then it has become a major problem facing like erectile dysfunction and low libido problem which is bad for a relationship as well after lockdown life. 

There is expert recommend take sildenafil citrate-based pill fildena or enforce can help you out this situation ed problem which is a major and common problem nowadays with this problem many couples gets to fight in a lockdown. 


Try out new variety when you are in the bedroom there are much variety and fantasy will do with on day time rather than night. Chance to expand on chair and sofas try a new position as well. In house time there are many couples are wearing a nightdress on whole time keep change clothes to attracting more. 

There many couples who are not given more time to foreplay and start intimate give proper foreplay time and start new fantasy with sex after foreplay many women and men like new fantasy ask what fantasy like each other. There are many position and tricks will try over on bed like doggy, anal (ask your partner before trying it some partner, not like that).

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Someone partner is not a conversation between and in future they are facing massive conflicts which can give both of stressful life which indirectly effect on the relationship as well before go with any decision talk with your partner about your fantasy and requirement and you do not get in mood give them surprise to approach from your side then there are you can start with foreplay it is the best way to stress mood to become horny mood slowly give in foreplay time at least 40 minutes till your partner does not get out from complete from stress and in mood circle if there is still a chance you can use sildenafil citrate-based pill which can help you to get your partner in the mood. 

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