The Best Tongue Scraper that you can Buy Right Now


The best Tongue Scraper that you can Buy Right Now

Tongue cleaning is uncommon in modern-day oral hygiene routine. We do not clean our tongue as often as we should. Furthermore, there is a consistent lack of awareness when it comes to tongue cleaning in general. 

Your tongue provides the ideal environment when it comes to breeding bacteria. The damp and moist nature of the tongue can nurture bacteria in various ways, which can ultimately lead to oral hygiene issues. In this regard, tongue cleaning becomes essential. 

However, even after seeing the need for tongue cleaning, many people are confused about how they can ensure proper tongue hygiene. People try to come up with their own solutions, while some use the internet to seek as much advice as possible. 

Tongue scraping is quickly gaining ground in oral care as many oral hygiene products such as tongue scrapers and tongue brushes are hitting the market. It is a fast way to remove all excess particles from your tongue, including the ones that can potentially cause bad breath.

What is Bad Breath? 

Bad breath is also known as Halitosis in medical terms. We are all familiar with bad breath to some extent. It is when your mouth starts to smell provocative and foul. It is a common problem among many adults as well as children. However, bad breath gets ignored the most. 

How is bad breath caused by Lack of Tongue Hygiene? 

Bad breath is caused by various factors and reasons, however, one of the leading causes when it comes to bad breath is due to improper tongue hygiene. Contrary to popular belief, 85% of your bad breath is actually caused by your tongue alone. This highlights the importance of tongue cleaning and why you should incorporate it in your life. 

What actually happens is that when we eat or drink something, our tongue acts as a sponge that absorbs everything. Furthermore, many of the particles from the food get stuck on the tongue as well as in teeth. When it comes to teeth, you can deal with the issue by regularly brushing your teeth and flossing, however, there is an impending issue of tongue hygiene. 

These particles then rot and develop a foul smell that ultimately leads to halitosis and other oral hygiene issues such as periodontal diseases, gum diseases, and even tooth loss.

What is Tongue Scraping? 

Tongue scraping is the procedure of using a metallic or plastic tongue scraper and removing the buildup from your tongue. These tongue scrapers are available in all forms, however, most of them have a similar working principle. In general, they have a handle that is attached to a scraping part. This scraping part is what ultimately sits on your tongue to remove the dirt and debris. 

Although scraping itself is not all of the oral hygiene, it is arguably one of the most important components nonetheless. Your tongue comprises 50% of your mouth so it is only reasonable that you opt for a  tongue scraper. 

What Tongue Scrapers are Available? 

Tongue scrapers have an extraordinary amount of variety throughout the board. They vary in shapes and sizes as well as quality. In most cases, you get what you pay for. However, you have to be careful about your choice of tongue scrapers because not all of them are made equal. 

Then, what is the Best Tongue Scraper? 

To evaluate and find the best tongue scraper, we would have to consider various factors. Don't worry, we've got you covered on this end. 


Price is an important factor for any sort of purchase and not just tongue scrapers. For our evaluation, we are considering tongue scrapers which have a cost of less than $10. Our analysis concluded that $10 was the most reasonable price for such a product. 

Ease of Use

If you are using a tongue scraper, it should be easy to use, especially for older people. In cases where patients have problems such as arthritis or cramps, using a tongue scraper than requires too much movement can be a hassle. 


We are all about sustainability. This is why our products should also reflect this value in their production, maintenance, and sales. Plastic tongue scrapers were the clear losers out of this category because they obviously stood out as extremely harmful for the environment. Metallic tongue scrapers on the other hand took the win because of their reusability and sustainable production. 

Bang for the Buck

Although plastic tongue scrapers were low on cost, they were high on the environmental damage. On the other hand, metallic tongue scrapers lied in just the right region of cost to benefit. It is evident that metallic tongue scrapers gave us the most bang for the buck. 

So, What is Our Verdict? 

By scanning through 10s of tongue scrapers across the internet that were available at our disposal, we were able to conclude that Avooli's Tongue Scraper was, hands down, the best tongue scraper on the market. 

It is extremely cost-effective which earned it big points in the price category. In terms of ease, the tongue scraper feels light but sturdy. Furthermore, it has diamond grips that allow you to get a good hold for cleaning. 

It is a completely stainless steel based tongue scraper, meaning that it is highly sustainable and eco-friendly. It can be repurposed and has a life of more than 3 years in usage. Consequently, it also earns the right “bang for the buck” mark, making it the best tongue scraper in the list. 

We highly recommend that you try Avooli's Tongue Scraper if you are looking to get rid of your bad breath and get a new freshness in your life.

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