Why should Marijuana be legalized?


Why should Marijuana be legalized?

The cannabis community feels that marijuana legalization is quite important. And for various good reasons. For instance, the illegal status of cannabis on the federal level creates a whole lot of confusion among the cannabis community. 

Even after state distinctions in cannabis laws, the federally illegal status makes it impossible for people to consume cannabis without any fear. Given the number of arrests, the turfs between the cannabis possessors and the police, and fights against the balk market. It is perhaps safe to say that cannabis legalization still hangs by a thread. 

Not only this but prohibition also prevents people from seeking a viable medical treatment. You see alcohol consumers easily walk up to a hospital or a medical institution for treatment. On the other hand, a cannabis user has to think twice because of the stigma associated with cannabis. In addition, cannabis prohibition restricts the opportunity of employment. 

The cannabis industry has various job opportunities. From budtenders to people who market the therapeutic benefits of cannabis on various platforms. The stigma around cannabis refrains people from viewing the cannabis industry as a hub for job opportunities. 

Also, you have to take note of the cries happening in the US. 80% of the crimes are drug-based and they add up to the cost required to develop a drug law enforcement structure. If cannabis was completely legal, the same costs could have been used for other societal and environmental issues. This is to say that marijuana laws need a change. 

And mayors and governors of various states are pushing the bills to achieve the desired result. However, there are many roadblocks on the way and it seems like complete legalization is still an ongoing fight that cannabis lovers have to carry on with. However, the good news is, once cannabis is legalized, it will definitely benefit the tax structure of the nation. People will receive more employment and the cannabis community can thrive without fear.

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