5 cannabis strains from the '60s found today

 5 cannabis strains from the '60s found today

Today's cannabis strains are different from the '60s and that they have great differences. Until the 1970s, when a consumer smoked cannabis, it had been a Sativa. Earlier, cannabis plants were tall with narrow leaves and produced feathery flowers.

Originally, cannabis was grown around India, but it traveled toast towards Africa then further to America. And, now cannabis is widely accepted and even legalized in some states of the US. Now, an mmj card during a cannabis-legal state is required to urge medical marijuana (any choice of strain).

Let us explore all those strains from the '60s which will still be found today.

Durban Poison

Durban Poison may be a cannabis strain hailed from Durban in South Africa. it's the foremost exciting and energizing cannabis strain that features a unique aroma, flavor, and bud structure. Durban Poison features a touch of earthy spiciness and sweetness. 

This cannabis plant has round and fluffy flowers, unlike narrow-leaved cannabis strains. Some even say that it tastes sort of like a black jelly egg. If you're trying to find a cannabis strain that energizes you, then Durban Poison from the '60s may be a perfect choice. Truly, no other cannabis strain is like it!


This cannabis strain has broad leaves and produces heavy resins which are useful for the assembly of hash. The Afghani strain has evolved tons as per the changing environmental conditions- arid climate. Thus, the buds are susceptible to mold if they're grown in hot and humid climates. 

Afghani cannabis strain is documented for its earthy and sweet smell which will translate dank sedation into something more relaxing and thus loved by the one consuming.

Lamb's Bread

The name Lamb's Bread might give creeps but this is often said to be the strain of choice for Marley. Hailed from the islands of Jamaica, it's also referred to as Lamb's Breath. This cannabis strain is incredible for those who are trying to find some creativity. 

It provides an uplifting feeling alongside a way of utmost clarity. Like many strains, it's a singular aroma and flavor- almost sort of a funky cheese- grassy and herbal alongside a touch of spice.

Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold cannabis strain is from Mexico. Once upon a time, it had been considered because of the standard within the production of cannabis. The plant of this cannabis strain is gorgeous and has the power to supply an excellent amount of THC. it's a singular aroma of toffee and a touch of a cheesy taste.


Thai, also referred to as, Thai Stick- due to the way it's dried then cured. it's chosen for its potency and cerebral high. This has an aroma like that of tropical fruit with a small touch of diesel; also it gives a floral taste when exhaled. That may be a cannabis strain widely known for its uplifting feeling and energizing effects. This strain may be a parent to most of the loved cannabis strains of today, one among which is Haze.

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