How to Treat Some Common Cannabis Hangover Symptoms?

 How to Treat Some Common Cannabis Hangover Symptoms?

“Cannabis Hangover.” A topic that has been on a debate for the past many years. And even now, we don’t have a clear picture of it. There are a lot of people who think the herb does not have any hangover symptoms. And there are many who differ too.

However, despite the debate over its validity, the cannabis hangover is likely a real phenomenon. The research on the subject is a bare minimum. But the anecdotal evidence state that a person may have some symptoms the day after he has smoked cannabis. The symptoms may vary from person to person and may include dry eyes, lethargy, fatigue, headaches, etc.

Now the question here is- what to do when you get cannabis hangover?

Answering this question is actually very important, especially if you are applying for an MMJ card. Being aware of what you are getting yourself into may help you a lot in keeping your experience a positive one.

So, let’s find out.

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The Most Common Cannabis Hangover Symptoms

You should note that the concept of cannabis hangover doesn’t have much research to back it up. However, as per the anecdotal reports, there are some very common symptoms that form the part of this issue. These are:
  • Fatigue and Brain Fog
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Red Eyes
Let’s take a look at the measures you may take to treat these, one by one.


Fatigue and Brain Fog

Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling a bit unfocused and groggy? If yes, you have had an experience with brain fog. This particular after-effect of cannabis can be really unpleasant and very hard to get out. However, there are a few things you may do.

The main part you need to do is get yourself moving. I know, when you are fatigued and brain fogged, sitting on your couch all day, watching TV may seem like an easy choice. But you gotta get your body a little movement.

Another great way to snap yourself out of it is to take a nice and cold shower. The water on your body will freshen up your nerves and senses.

Having a nice, strong coffee may also give your fatigued body and foggy brain a jump start.

Eating healthy and staying hydrated may make getting through the day a little easier for you.


Headaches are also very commonly associated with cannabis hangover. And many blame it on dehydration. But again, we don’t have any solid evidence to support this theory. Having said that, there is a possibility that you do not drink enough while consuming marijuana. And given this, you may go to bed dehydrated, causing a headache in the morning.

Considering all this, if you have a headache in the morning after your marijuana session, it’s best you stick to usual methods of treatment, which include:
  • Temple Massage
  • Cold Compresses
  • OTCs, such as ibuprofen, aspirin, etc.


Nausea is not a very common cannabis hangover symptom. But still, it can be very unpleasant. So, if you ever wake up feeling nauseated, the best thing you can do is to let it ride out. However, if the feeling is severe, keep yourself hydrated and eat mild and gentle foods. You may also go for anti-nausea medicines after consulting your doctor.

Dry Eyes

THC can cause your ocular capillaries to dilate. And this may lead to higher blood flow to the eyes, resulting in red eyes. Though it doesn’t last too long, if you find your eyes too red and dry, you may use some good quality eye drops to soothe your symptoms.

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