Human beings come in different shapes and sizes, and so does their faces. Ever since the fashion industry has seen the light of the day, it has called attention to face shapes. Earlier, face shape was only a thing in the fashion or beauty industry, so the cameraman can hit the spotlight right and capture the perfect angle. 

Now, in the age of Instagram and TikTok, where facial beauty has become business for many ordinary people, face shapes have become public knowledge. Every person who either idolizes fashion icons or wants to become one is now in the race of determining their right face shape. They wish to pick the right beauty or fashion products that enhance their best features and highlight the finest angles.

Faces are categorized into six different shapes: oval, round, diamond, heart, square, and rectangle – and each face shape comes with a unique set of features that defines individual beauty and sets them apart from others. Many beauty or fashion products are now tailored by keeping the human face shape in mind, out of which sunglasses get the most hype.

Many people get confused when they go out shopping for sunglasses. Picking the right pair that compliments your face shape becomes a puzzling mystery for many when standing at the shop. We all know it is a tricky job, especially if you wear contacts that stick on your face most of the day. You definitely don’t wish to be labeled as ‘dorky’ or ‘nerdy’ simply because you have weak eyesight, and wearing glasses is necessary.

Let’s get down to picking the right frame that suits your face shape.

What is my right face shape, and Which frame would best compliment it?

Your face shapes may not remain ideal throughout the time you live. Many factors like weight or age can change the symmetry of the face, hide jawlines or double the chin. You don’t need to fret because all this is completely normal. There are some features that remain constant and can instantly distinguish the shape of your face.

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Round Face

A round face is usually softer on the edges. The sides of your face are curvily slanting a bit outwards, with a round (typically small) chin and wide cheekbones.

If you have spent most of your childhood escaping people because they pinch your chubby cheeks for no reason, chances are you have a round face.

Celebrity Example 1

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is known to have the roundest and cutest face in the fashion industry.

To pick the best Sunglasses for a round face shape, be mindful of adding the angles to the roundness. Pointed, Angular sunglasses with bold frames like Aviators, Cat-eye, Butterfly, Browline, and Wayfarers are likely to bring a balance to your face proportions.

Oval Face

If you have a face that is longer than it is wide and foreheads just a little bit wider than the chin, you have an oval face. Mostly, oval-faced people are considered lucky because their face shape can perfectly carry most sunglasses or hairstyles. 

Celebrity Example 2

Jessica Alba’s

Jessica Alba’s face shape is articulately symmetrical and oval.

When choosing the best Sunglasses for your Square-faced shape, you need to make sure you don’t disturb its already-set proportions. Oversized glasses or small frames are a clear NO-NO. Rectangular or Oval sunglasses like Aviators, Butterfly, Cat-eyes, or Retro Square are our best bets.

Square Face

The straight side edges and enhanced slightly angled jawline make a square face. Another most important feature is that your face width is approximately the same size as your width. People with square faces have angular edges and mostly have sharp features.

Celebrity Example 3

Keira Knightly

This Pirates of the Caribbean beauty – Keira Knightly, has a perfectly squared face and a jawline to die for.

Since we already have sharp angles, bold square frames won’t be suitable for this face shape. The most suitable sunglasses for a square-shaped face are large Aviators, Browline, Cat-eyes, or Round frames that divert attention from the face’s angular edges.

Rectangle Face

Like square faces in features and edges, rectangular faces are slightly longer in height than in width. They are also called oblong faces with stubble chins and sharp, angular jawlines. People confuse rectangular and oval face shape a lot of the time because of the elongated face, but there is one significant difference that separates the two. Oval faces have slightly curved sides, similar to round faces, while rectangular faces have straight or angular sides. In comparison to oval faces, rectangular faces also have sharper and slightly wider jawlines.

Celebrity Example 4

Deadpool AKA Ryan Gosling – Blake

The heartthrob of millions, mother of three, and wife of The Deadpool AKA Ryan Gosling – Blake Lively, the gorgeous Gossip Girl Star has a rectangular/oblong-shaped face.  

Sunglasses that compliment Rectangle-shaped faces are oversized glasses that aim to make a face look broader. Large-frames Aviators or butterfly glasses with either round or square bottom will do.

Diamond Face

If someone drew lines connecting the center of your hairline to your cheekbones and down to your chin, it would create a diamond shape—hence, the name. Diamond faces have pointed chins and high cheekbones. The main difference between a diamond-shaped face and a heart-shaped face is the hairline—if you have a diamond-shaped face, your hairline will be narrower.

Celebrity Example 5

Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene – the chipper Alice of Twilight series carries the perfect diamond-shaped face in Hollywood. 

Half-rimmed Square and Round frames are the best vintage sunglasses that go with a diamond face providing your face with more structure and diverting attention from the elongated jawline. We recommend Browline or Cat-eye for this face shape.

Heart Face

Heart-faced people have a pointy chin and a broad forehead. Another way to put it is that your hairline is more comprehensive than your jawline. Many people think a window’s peak hairline is a necessary feature with a heart shape, and while it definitely gives the shape the perfect hearty touch, it is not necessary to have a window’s peak with a heart-shaped face.

Celebrity Example

Chloë Grace Moretz’s

All hearts say hubba hubba when they see the perfectly sketched hearty outline of Chloë Grace Moretz’s face shape.

We need small frames with narrow bridges or a bit rounder frames that ideally fits on the broad forehead and make the upper part of your face look evened out. Sunglasses that go with a heart-shaped face are Browline, Cat-eye, Retro Square, Sport, or Wayfarers. 

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