Some Common Busted Out Myths about Invisalign

 Some Common Busted Out Myths about Invisalign

Invisalign undeniably transformed millions of smiles all over the world! Certainly, people are not so well-versed with innovative clear aligner. Here, in this blog, we are going to debunk on the common myths of Invisalign. So, let’s start.   

1. Invisalign is ineffective in moving teeth

Invisalign is much identical to that of the removable retainers (that resist the teeth movement post-straightening treatment). Hence, a few people are really confused whether it has the ability to straighten the teeth or not! But there is nothing to worry about as Invisalign straighten the teeth remarkably. 

Every series of aligner moves the teeth at slow rate which can be rarely noticeable unless you reach at the verge of treatment completion. It does so by exerting gentle pressure on the teeth forcing them to get shifted to its original place again. 

2. Invisalign costs higher than that of traditional braces

The expense of the aligner and brace varies from one patient to another. Also the fee structure made by the provider plays a pivotal role in determining the cost. However, in the long run, Invisalign is really cost-effective over fixed braces. 

The patient with moderate misaligned teeth is suitable for Invisalign that costs around £2,000. Also, you can send a quote request to your Invisalign provider or call for arranging a no-obligation consultation.    

3. Invisalign provides lisp and speech impediment 

The fact is any kind of orthodontic appliance will definitely affect the speech. Also you will witness the development of slight lisp once the braces are offered. Many patients also don’t encounter any certain problems as they get familiar to the device easily. Hence, you must keep on wearing the aligner and practise to talking. 

4. Invisalign stains are more visible

The Invisalign aligner should be replaced once in every 2 week ensuring that they didn’t stain the teeth. Always make sure that you clean the teeth every day and pop out the aligner during drinking and eating so that no problems can be experienced. 

Retainer tablets or Invisalign cleaning crystal will maintain the freshness of the aligner. You may brush the aligner 2 times per day gently using non-fragrant and antibacterial hand soap. At last, rinse the aligner thoroughly using lukewarm water. 

5. Invisalign consumes a week to work

Many people are confused if it consumes more time than traditional metal braces to start showing its impact. But actually, it never does so! In fact, there are many cases in which Invisalign works much faster in contrast to the fixed braces. 

Moreover, no matter when you start complying with the procedure, you will be shown with the slow transformation post-treatment. Each step of the procedure can be witnessed by you while you step towards an outstanding outcome in the end. 

6. Invisalign can’t shift the teeth vertically

With the introduction of Invisalign, the ways of straightening teeth have been changed significantly. But there is a vast difference in Invisalign then and now! Earlier, it was able to correct certain movements only but can’t pull down teeth vertically. 

But certain changes have undergone with the introduction of attachments. Actually it is made from small natural tooth-coloured buttons that provide optimal grip to the aligner for the accomplishment of much complicated shifts. Nowadays, Invisalign is able to treat as much as instances perfectly as traditional braces can.   

7. Invisalign is dedicated to teenagers

Basically, Invisalign treatment is undergone by the patients above 18 years of age and thereby there is no age bar! Erstwhile, there were numerous orthodontic solutions dedicated for kids and teens but Invisalign is exceptional to that. Full credit goes to its inconspicuous design that makes the Invisalign appealing to the patients of all ages. 

Invisalign is compatible with the busy social lifestyle of the patients enabling them to straighten their teeth in discreet manner. Even you will be provided with a couple of hours to spend every day without this foreign device into your mouth especially for drinking, eating and practising oral care regime    

8. Mail-order aligners and Invisalign are similar 

Now, due to such an upsurge in COVID-19 cases all over the world, you can restore your beautiful smile from the comfort of your home. You can place the order of clear aligner set online to carry out the teeth straightening at your home. Although the delivered-device is much similar in look to that of Invisalign however there is no contrary when it comes to effectiveness. 

Find out an expert who can provide the treatment of best Invisalign braces in London while regulating its progress at a daily basis. This will lead you to achieve the smile of your dreams!  

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