What is the right way to practice while studying a yoga online course?

 What is the right way to practice while studying a yoga online course?

Yoga is becoming very popular worldwide and especially in America as evidenced from the recent statistical data. 36 million Americans are practicing yoga. The number of people practicing yoga in America has increased by 50 percent between the year 2012 and 2016. Recently the trend in Americans is to join a yoga online course and study it in the comfort of their home.

Whether somebody studies yoga in the traditional set up or by joining yoga online courses, it is important for him to prepare for it earlier. One can practice yoga in a safe and holistic manner, only if one makes good preparations for it.  It has been found that most yoga practitioners are not able to derive maximum benefit from yoga they are practicing because they do not give due importance to some simple and important factors which are explained below:

1. Creating a Conducive Environment

A suitable and well maintained environment can produce a great impact on the body and mind of the practitioners. It can help the practice flow easily and it can make it difficult also. It can affect the body's reaction to postures and can also create tension and stress for the body. The environment should be such that a person who steps into the place is able to put all his worries to rest and concentrate on yoga practicing for which he has come there. Tips for creating a comfortable environment for practicing yoga online are given below:

  • Create the best setting and appearance for the practice room for yoga online classes
  • Provide the appropriate aroma and incense needed for a yoga class
  • Keep everything well-arranged and start the class according  to the instructions given by  yoga online teachers
  • Take care to provide better lighting and sounding options to provide the best atmosphere for yoga practicing
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2. Important aspects to be followed while  practicing yoga asanas:

Time: Usually yoga asanas are practiced at dawn (Brahmamoorta) or at sunset (Sandhya). During these two moments the days are quieter and the temperature is also moderate. Although sunset and sunrise are the most appropriate time for practicing yoga, there is nothing wrong if someone selects another time when he feels energetic and not sleepy. Especially for a person studying yoga online, it will be necessary to adjust the study time according to the timings of the online program.

Space: Space is an important need for practicing asanas.  An open space which is free from any distractions will be the ideal place. This may not be possible for every person and during every part of a year. It is important to ensure  that the space you are going to practice yoga has to get enough light and has to be well ventilated and keep it well maintained so that you will not be forced to miss any yoga online classes because of the non-availability of space for practicing.

Temperature: The temperature in the space where you are practicing yoga is going to have its effect on your body and mind.  If it is too cold, the muscles will not warm up correctly and can remain stiff. This can lead to laziness and one may feel bored. When the body is subjected to some effort under this condition, it can lead to overload and consequent injury. When the temperature is too hot, the muscles get relaxed and it gets overloaded as you try to push it to get the asanas completed. Basically one should feel comfortable without wearing a sweater or using a fan. This is the right temperature for yoga practicing when you are studying yoga online.

Clothing: Originally yoga poses were practiced wearing a Kaupinam which is a rectangular cotton or linen cloth worn around the hips and genitals. It will be good if one can wear clothes made using natural materials which allow the skin to sweat. No synthetic materials are to be used for making the clothes and they should not be too tight also. Wearing appropriate dress as mentioned above has to be given du importance to the student who is studying yoga online course as the trainer will not be able to supervise and instruct the student in such matters.

3. Physical conditions: 

In general you should not practice yoga if you are tired or are suffering from some serious illness. Weakness and tiredness can lead to the usage of wrong muscles which can lead to injury and danger. The intestines have to be emptied and asanas can be practiced only on empty stomachs.

The common injuries that are caused by practicing yoga without proper supervision or without following the guidelines include knee, neck and shoulder injuries. Torn muscles, herniated carpal tunnel and disks etc. are some common injuries that can occur to yoga practitioners. Similarly extensive damage is seen caused to the elbows, writs, and shoulders in people who are practicing upward push with bent elbows. One has to avoid practicing yoga online when he is not physically strong or energetic.

4. Mental conditions: 

According to yoga experts asanas have to be practiced when one’s mind is free from anger, worries or desires.  If you practice yoga online asanas with an unstable mind it can lead to discomfort and injuries. Only when the mind is calm and serene, yoga practices will become beneficial. A person who is stressed out or depressed is not expected to continue yoga practicing until he is certified fit for that by a qualified psychiatrist.

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