Wax Pen Doesn't Have to Be Hard To Use.


Wax Pen Doesn't Have to Be Hard To Use.

Wax pens come in different sizes. Out of all portable vaporizers, wax pens are among the smallest. These vape devices feature a wax chamber, a small battery, and a mouthpiece. The wax chamber houses the coil that heats up when the battery is activated.  Also, a wax pen user loads the concentrates onto the wax chamber for vaporization. A wax pen’s mouthpiece is an opening through which the user inhales the vapor.

Wax pens are very user-friendly devices. You do not need any experience to use these devices. For beginners, all you need is information about these devices. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use a wax pen.

1. Turn it on and make sure the wax atomizer is working properly.

Wax pen with a power button is usually turned on by clicking on the button five times. There is usually a light that indicates when the battery is activated. 

Some wax pens do not have a power button. Instead, they are draw-activated meaning that you need to pull a hit via the mouthpiece to activate their batteries.

Checking whether the wax pen’s atomizer/ coil is working properly is very essential. This practice ensures you do not waste your wax concentrate by loading it onto the wax pen when it is not working.

For a working coil, you should see it heat up within a few seconds after activating the battery. Also, you can feel the heat come off the atomizer but always take caution not to touch the device as it can burn you.

2. Pack/ load the wax pen’s chamber with the wax concentrate.

Now that you are assured that the wax pen’s coil is functional, you can load the wax chamber. It is recommended that you load wax concentrate that is about the size of a grain of rice, every time you dab. If you load any less, you may have to reload it right away. Furthermore, if you load any more you may have too much wax on the device that can make it less efficient or create a sticky mess. 

Always use a dabber/ dab tool to load the wax concentrate onto the chamber. The dab tool keeps you safe from the coil’s heat. Also, they are designed to ensure you precisely and lightly drop the wax concentrate onto the coil and near it.

The coils in a wax pen can get damaged easily if they are not maintained cautiously. Always avoid making contact between the coil and the dab too when loading. Also, avoid pressing down too hard.

3. Vaping the wax concentrate.

The wax concentrate should start melting once you press the wax pen’s power button. The concentrate will then vaporize immediately; therefore ensure the mouthpiece is attached correctly. Always prime the wax pen’s coil before taking any hits as it will enable you to avoid dry hits. Priming is a very simple process. You just allow the wax concentrate to get heated and melt onto the coil for about 2 seconds before taking any hits.

Some wax pens do not have variable temperature control so you just heat the wax concentrate and take your hits.  

Nonetheless, other wax pens come with variable voltage batteries that enable you to adjust the temperature of the wax pen’s coil. This feature is particularly ideal for people who may need to customize their hits from time to time. The perfect temperature for vaping wax concentrates lies between 420°F and 550°F. Choosing the lower end of this range will make your wax pen create flavorful hits with less dense clouds and a decreased effect.  If you go for the higher end of this range will create less flavorful, but thick hits that can give you the full effect of the compounds in your wax concentrates in no time. 

Maintaining and cleaning your wax pen.

The first maintenance practice for your wax pen is avoiding over-packing or overloading it with wax concentrate. Otherwise, you can use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to wipe off any excess wax in the wax pen’s chamber or any dirt. Never use water to clean a wax pen and always be careful when cleaning the area around the electrical components. 

Furthermore, the wax pen’s coil may need to be replaced from time to time. The ideal period after which it should be replaced depends on the type of user. A heavy user may need to do the replacement after a couple of months while a light user can do it after a year. The coil should be replaced once you detect a drop in the performance, or once it starts creating burnt hits. Also, you should replace a coil that does not function even when the battery has enough charge.

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