Ultimate Guide on How to Steep E Liquid


Ultimate Guide on How to Steep E Liquid

E-liquids age just like fine wine. If you let them sit for some time, their flavours can improve substantially and provide a much enhanced vaping experience!

Steeping is the simple process of letting your e-liquid sit for some time, so its flavour improves. In most cases, steeped e-liquids taste much better than freshly made ones. This is because most flavouring and ingredients require some time to blend in. Steeping allows them to solidify, and this enhances the aroma of your e-liquid, making it smoother.

Commercial e-liquids can also benefit from steeping. Made-to-order fresh e-liquids, like the ones sold at IVG Premium E-Liquids, can get much better if you let them steep for some time! This blog will serve as your ultimate guide on how to steep e liquid so you can get the most flavour when you vape. Let’s get started. 

How to Steep E Liquid in 4 Different Ways

1. Slow Cooker 

If you are impatient, this method is for you!

For steeping e liquid fast, you can use a slow cooker. Most vape enthusiasts use them to steep e-liquids that are unyielding and need a large amount of time to steep (around 2 to 8 hours).

To steep e-liquids using this method, place around 5 cups of water in your slow cooker and set it on “Low.” Then, place your e-liquid bottle upright into the cooker. Remember that you must use glass bottles containing e-liquids for this method. If your e-liquid contains nicotine, you mustn't get it too hot as nicotine is heat-sensitive. When heated too high, it can diminish or harshen. Do not let the temperature increase beyond 37 degrees Celsius. 

While the slow cooker steeping method can steep your e-liquids fast, we do not recommend it because it can actually hurt the taste in the long run. Introducing your e-liquids to heat for extended periods can shorten their shelf-life. 

2. Warm Water Bath

The second way to steep e-liquids is to use a warm water bath. It simply involves placing the bottle of e-liquid into a container of warm water.  This will heat the e-liquid and speed up the entire steeping process. 

You can give your e-liquid a nice warm water bath in an ultrasonic cleaner. If you don’t have one, you can use a hot bowl of water.  Remember not to keep the water temperature too high as this can degrade the nicotine and take away the flavour. 

Simply place your e-liquid bottle in a container of water at a temperature between 50 and 70 degrees Celsius. Let it sit for up to four hours. If you do not have a heat source that will keep the water temperature at a constant rate, make sure you replace the water frequently so that it stays hot enough during the entire process.  

3. Resting

Another way to steep e-liquid is to place the bottle containing the liquid in a cool and dark place and allow it to rest. Remember to shake the liquid occasionally. This method takes the longest amount of time but is the most recommended method for you if you are a beginner at steeping because it does not involve much effort. 

Let your e-liquid bottle rest for a few days or weeks. The longer you allow it to rest, the better flavour you will get later on!

4. Breathing 

Breathing is an e-liquid steeping process quite similar to resting, but it involves removing the lid/cap from the e-liquid bottle. This allows the excess aroma molecules from the flavours to escape. 

Breathing is the best-suited method for you if you wish to attain the optimum flavour level. The method lets your flavours go through the degasification and evaporation processes without you having to monitor the bottle after every few days. 

However, like all other methods, breathing also has some limitations. Breathing can oxidise the nicotine or diminish the flavours if you leave the lid/cap of your bottle open for too long. We recommend that you let your flavour breathe for only 12 to 24 hours with the lid/cap removed, followed by 72 hours with the lid/cap on. You can repeat this process as many times as you like until your premium e liquid reaches its optimum level! 

Final Words

Whether you make your own e-liquids or buy them from trusted brands like IVG Premium E-Liquids, you should consider steeping to add a final touch that an e-liquid needs to become your all-time favourite vape. Even though the steeping process is not for everyone, we highly recommend it if you want to get the most flavour out of your e-liquid. When you steep e liquid, remember to have fun with the process and experiment with your methods. You don't have to settle for one! 

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