Do You Have A Fight To Insomnia? Here’s A Brief


Why are sleeping pills so popular? Perhaps because current statistics show that almost half of the Earth's adult population has chronic problems with falling asleep. They are not alone in the pages of history because insomnia has been a problem for people for centuries. Worse, there may be as many causes of it as there are sufferers of it. The medicine of the second half of the twentieth century was fertile in patenting various pills. 

Naively believing that they could answer any ailment, she gave up deliberating about the reasons and focused on eliminating the causes of insomnia. Pharmacological putting patients to sleep has become extremely popular, and sleeping powders have found their way to millions of thatch.

Sleeping pills – A solution

Drugs for insomnia that have a sedative and sleep-inducing effect, of course, at first give the desired results - after taking the Sleeping Tablets UK, patients fall asleep. But it soon became apparent that these types of drugs do not cure insomnia but only relieve its symptoms (when stopping taking the pills, the problem is automatically returned.). Their long-term use may contribute to weakness, immunity, concentration, effectively disturb the circadian rhythm, and in extreme cases even lead to mental problems, so finding an effective method of treating insomnia remains open.

Sleeping pills – An experiment

Nisbett and Storms are a duo of psychologists who were interested in the topic of the treatment of insomnia and hypnotics. In 1970, they conducted an experiment; the results are shocking and arousing heated discussions to this day. The researchers invited people who have chronic insomnia to the Sleep Laboratory, where they were to spend the night under their supervision.

The patients were divided into two groups. The first group was given a "sleeping pill" - sugar with lime, before going to bed. Scientists emphasized that it is hypnotic, and the patient should fall asleep immediately after it. The second group took pills with the same composition - sugar with calcium, but psychologists informed the respondents that these were stimulant pills, after which patients may have problems falling asleep.

The research effect was groundbreaking and amazing - patients who were convinced that they had taken stimulants fell asleep most quickly. On the other hand, the sick, who thought that they had been given sleeping pills for a long time, turned nervously from side to side. The researchers explained this unexpected result because the problem of insomnia often turns into a vicious cycle - a person cannot sleep due to stress caused by lack of sleep, and insomnia accumulates stress.

The first group members were convinced that they would fall asleep in the blink of an eye, and when sleep did not come, they felt irritation and fear that effectively provided them with a sleepless night. Those who took the "stimulants" did not delude themselves into winking that night. So they stopped worrying and, as a result, soon found themselves in the arms of Morpheus - the Greek god of dreams.

Sometimes it's just worth giving your body a chance to rest. Not only the one at night in the form of sleep but active rest - during the day. Relaxation is an inseparable part of the regeneration of the body, so it is worth making some time for yourself during the week. A massage, meeting friends, visiting a beautician, outdoor physical activity, or a sauna session can bring much better results than taking sleeping pills. 

Sleeping pills - overdose

Sleeping pills can be dangerous to human health and - in extreme cases - life. As long as someone takes herbal tablets, which mostly contain lemon balm extract, it is not that dangerous (however, it should be remembered that the term "herbal composition" may only be a simplification of the composition). A much worse phenomenon occurs when a person with insomnia receives a preparation with a complex composition, the ingredients of which have a strong effect. 


Let's not forget that mental health is just as important and even more important than physical health. As a result of the effectiveness of the sleeping tablets UK pills, the patient uses the Zolpidem Sleeping Pills more and more often. Such action is addictive and may consequently cause undesirable effects. Disturbances in consciousness, anxiety, aggression, delusions, psychoses, libido disorders or sleepwalking are just a few of the side effects.

What's more - discontinuation of the sleeping pill can be equally dangerous for the body and causes several strange, undesirable effects in many people, even leading to extreme depression.

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