How Can You Use THC Diamonds?

How Can You Use THC Diamonds?

THC Diamonds are highly popular for those who are looking for marijuana products. These diamonds are well known for their consistency, potency, uses, effects and color, making this something that almost everyone wants to try at least once. 

For those who are unaware of what THC Diamonds really are, they are going to be surprised that they have this name for a reason. They do appear to be small diamonds. And you will find that most of these are going to be anywhere from the size of a granule of sugar or even as large as an actual diamond. These are usually 99% pure THC-A, while the other 1% is made up of terpenes and other cannabinoids. 

How are THC Diamonds Made?

The first step in making THC diamonds is to use a cold method to make hash oil. Once the hash oil is made, then it goes through a process called winterization that removes the fats and lipids from this concentrate. 

From there, this is where the winterized has oil is soaked in methanol liquid to dissolve them. This can be a potentially dangerous step and should only be done by professionals. Usually, a roto vape is used to remove the methanol. It is then put through a second wash of pentane to remove any residual plant matter, and ran through the roto cape one final time. 

The final step in making THC Diamonds is to put this through a chromatography machine. Certain amounts of pressure is put through the liquids to make it what it is. It is very complicated and these machines can only be used by professionals. The final step is to dry out this liquid which can take anywhere from three to twelve days depending upon how this is being dried. 

How can you use THC Diamonds?

While the THC Diamonds Canada are often gorgeous to look at, just how are people using these? Most people are going to vape, smoke or dab these. The idea is to use any method that allows a heating element to reach 350 degrees or higher to release and activate the THC that is found within these diamonds. 

What are the Effects of THC Diamonds?

What most people find is that THC diamonds are not meant to be used by a first-timer. These have strong effects that are best used by those who have a history with THC. You have to think that regular marijuana that you smoke often only contains 20 to 25% THC. Whereas the THC diamonds are almost a full 100% of the THC effects. Thus, it is reasonable to say that using THC Diamonds is going to make the normal effects of marijuana about 4 times more potent.

For those who are ready to try THC Diamonds in Canada, they will find that they can easily find different varieties from online cannabis sites. These are high-quality diamonds that you are going to love to try them all and benefit from the amount of THC in these.

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