How do you reverse erectile dysfunction from medication?

How do you reverse erectile dysfunction from medication


An erection that is healthy depends on blood flow. Arousal causes your nervous system to relax the soft tissues of your penis and allow blood flow to flow through them. Blood flows into your penis as it is squeezed, and as the blood clots, the structure of the penis holds it in place.

An erection is an essential human function. When you have a problem getting one, it's perfectly normal for you to struggle occasionally. It's usually referred to as erectile dysfunction when the difficulty getting or maintaining an erection has a significant impact on your sexual relationships. 

ED is more common among older men, but developing the problem as a young adult or in your thirties is not at all uncommon. There are almost always options available to treat you, regardless of your age or severity of ED.  

The reverse of erectile dysfunction

1. Erectile dysfunction can be treated with a healthy diet

Dietary habits can direct erectile dysfunction. In addition, a diet low in red meat and refined grains, as well as fruit, veggies, whole grains, and fish, reduces the risk of Erectile Dysfunction. 

The importance of a healthy diet also relates to staying in good health, since men with an excess of 42 inches in their waist are 50 percent more likely to suffer from ED than those with a 32-inch waist measurement. Diabetes and cardiovascular disease are variables that contribute to ED. These conditions are also more likely to develop when you are obese. 

2. Physical activity is a very effective method for treating erectile dysfunction

 It increases nitric oxide levels in blood vessels, which is exactly what Viagra does, by improving blood flow, which is crucial to a successful erection. Exercise increases testosterone production, a major factor in erectile function and sex drive. 

3. Minimize alcohol intake to improve ED

The use of alcohol heavily depresses the nervous system, which diminishes the ability of the body to produce an erection. Nitric oxide, a chemical essential for maintaining an erection, is released from the central nervous system. When nitric oxide levels are too low, one experiences erectile dysfunction.

4. Erectile dysfunction can be treated naturally with sleep

Erectile dysfunction has been linked to irregular sleeping patterns, according to Mucher. Reviewers of a study published in Brain Research discussed the intricate relationship between sex hormone levels, sexual function, and sleep. They noted that higher testosterone levels correspond to better sleep, and lower testosterone levels with sexual dysfunction. Sleep patterns, which determine how hormones are released by the body, provide clues about how hormones work. 

5. Ensure you're taking the right medications to end erectile dysfunction

Medication used to treat another health problem might induce erectile dysfunction. Antidepressants, various diuretics, beta-blockers, heart meds, cholesterol meds, antipsychotic pharmaceuticals, hormone prescriptions, corticosteroids, chemotherapy, and male pattern baldness drugs are among these medications.

Discuss your prescription medication with your doctor if you're concerned that it's leading to ED. If you decide to stop taking it without consulting your doctor, be sure to do so. It is sometimes necessary to taper off medications under the guidance of a doctor.

6. Herbal treatments hurts or help in treating erectile dysfunction?

There are many herbal remedies that have been marketed to improve erectile function, yet many of these have no effect and may actually cause serious side effects, explains Mucher. The red ginseng plant and pomegranate juice are two natural erectile dysfunction treatment options that show promise.

Taking ginseng supplements, as well as pomegranate juice, can help prevent atherosclerosis as well as increase nitric oxide production. Before taking any supplements contact your doctors for better advice.

7. Quit Smoking to Stop Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a common cause of stopping smoking, especially in cases where vascular disease has resulted. This is because the supply of blood to the penis is restricted as a result of blockages or narrowing of the arteries. In addition to smoking and even smoking without tobacco, both products cause blood vessels to narrow and subsequently lead to the same health consequences. 

You can try prescription aids to stop smoking if you smoke. Stopping smoking should be discussed with your doctor. 

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Alternatives

A healthy lifestyle, medication changes or even treating underlying medical conditions may be able to reverse symptoms of ED. 

The condition can be very persistent, however. It is still sometimes very difficult to have an erection during foreplay or sex, even after you have made significant changes to your lifestyle and health. 

When the options listed above do not fully cure your erectile dysfunction or if your ED persists, you may consider using medication to alleviate it.

The FDA currently approves a number of medications to treat erectile dysfunction. Some of these medications are:

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