Which Cities in Canada are Cannabis Friendly?

Which Cities in Canada are Cannabis Friendly?

Once the recreational and medical use of cannabis was legalized in 2018. People have seen more considerable demand for weed products. So you can imagine that the industry has grown immensely. Yet, government regulations are not making it easy. Hence, you still find some cities not cannabis-friendly compared to others. Yet, some towns celebrate the cannabis culture. Below is a list of marijuana-friendly towns in Canada.

Vancouver – British Columbia

One of the most weed-friendly cities is Vancouver. Here you find a cannabis culture that plays a vital role in the Canadian cannabis industry. You can also find different dispensaries that make it easier for you to find products when needed. The fact is that this city was the first town to take charge to get cannabis legalized for recreational use.

After it became legalized, many people could smoke their cannabis where people smoke cigarettes. Throughout British Columbia, you can find about 300 dispensaries, with most of them located in Vancouver. So if you want the best cannabis products, this is the place to be.

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Toronto - Ontario

Another place to find exceptional weed products and cultures is in Toronto. While you cannot smoke it everywhere, you can still use it in different areas without legal impact. Similar to Vancouver, you can find some great spots to smoke, but if you use a terp sauce in your vape, you can head out to the beach to listen to the sounds of the waves. Or you can just stay at home and enjoy weed. To find these products, you can order them online through different stores to have them delivered to your door.

Montreal – Quebec

The province is not as weed-friendly as the other ones, but you have the exception in Montreal. After the legalization, the region made strict regulations regarding the use of marijuana. For example, the legal age is 21 years and older compared to other states that are 18 years and up. Neither can you use your weed in or outside public places? Still, you can purchase your products through a government-regulated dispensary, and you only find three locations throughout the city.

Calgary – Alberta

The city you find is filled with cannabis lovers. The town also contributed to the national legal sales of cannabis.  Here you can find many facilities producing weed products. The city even hosts the Hemp Fest Cannabis Expo. You can grow your plants if you have the knack for it and take part in the competition or just browse around for something new to try.

Halifax – Nova Scotia 

Okay, who thought you could find cannabis in this town. Yes, you can, but only 23% of the population uses weed. So still, you cannot use your products in public places. But there are areas where you can relax and enjoy your weed. Nonetheless, that does not mean you cannot enjoy your cannabis in different forms, such as beverages and cbd edibles.

Final Thoughts

The cities mentioned are a few in Canada providing you with weed-friendly options. But we are sure that in time you will find more retail stores popping up everywhere. So if you live here or planning to visit, make sure to check the city regulations to prevent getting in trouble.

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