How to Completely Change Your Fitness Routine

How to Completely Change Your Fitness Routine

Going to a CrossFit in an Inner West gym and doing the same routine can be mentally and physically exhausting. If you’ve ever had a fitness routine, then you’ve probably heard or experienced the plateau. It’s the moment that your strength is no longer getting more substantial, or you’ve stopped burning excess fat because your body has adapted well to your exercise habits. 

There’s nothing wrong with adaptation. In most ways, adaptation is a good thing because it means that you’ve been consistent with your fitness journey and your physique is getting stronger. However, its adverse effect is that you’ll have better chances of experiencing a plateau, a scenario you can avoid by changing your fitness routine. 

Although it may sound simple, changing your exercise habits can be challenging. Fortunately, you can make it easier by following the steps below.

Tips To Help Change Your Workout

Tweak your frequency

The number of times you do your exercises depends on the type of training you’re doing. So, if you’re doing a full-body workout each week, it’s best to give yourself a day to rest before doing another routine. It means that you may want to do your exercises at least two to three times a week alternately. 

Changing the frequency of your exercise will also help you push past your inactive fitness state. A few ways to help you do it are mixing it up or trying a split routine.

Alter your exercises

Whenever you repeatedly do the same forms of exercise, your brain and body will start to adapt. When that happens, you tend to zone out as you go through the same motions. Changing your exercise techniques will help you break into your cycle and activate your muscle fibres differently. This will allow you to break free from your fitness plateau.

Change the number of sets

Adding another set will help you become stronger as you go through even more challenges. If you feel like your body is used to doing a single set, you can consider adding another one to your routine. You must give your body at least 7-14 days to adapt to your new routine. Then, you can add another set to get your body ready for a new challenge.

Substitute your weights

Substituting the amount of weight you’re using can level up your strength gains while keeping you motivated to push harder. If you’re starting to notice that you can do more exercises, then you can consider changing your weight to increase your strength. 

Fitness experts highly advise doing alternate weight changes each week. For instance, you can start your full-body workout in weeks one and two. Then, you can increase the weight by 10% on week three and reduce your reps to 8. Maintain everything on week four and then increase your reps to 12 on week 5.

Alternate your training

If you’re new to fitness routines, you should be more careful when changing your exercise habits. Excessive changes can cause you to suffer from injury or end up with sore muscles. That’s why you must give your body some time to learn the exercises and master them. 

Once you’ve undergone a few weeks of training and you feel that you’re ready for some changes with your routine, then it’s about time to consider changing your workout formats. A few of the training exercises you can consider are drop sets, eccentric training and circuit training.

Take things slow

When doing physical training, you must always listen to your body. For instance, if you’ve started with doing a treadmill for three days a week, then it’s best to stay in the same exercise before attempting to switch to a more difficult one. Remember that it’s always best to start things slow. 

When you feel ready to step up, you can let your instructor know about your background. It’s important to ask for help, especially if you plan to switch to a new routine. You can ask them for suggestions about the next class that’ll work for you. Doing so not only guarantees your routine’s effectiveness, but it’ll also ensure that you’re doing every exercise right.

The Bottom Line

These are only a few factors that you need to consider when changing your routines. Weights, reps, frequency and method all relate to one another. So, changing even a single aspect of your routine may require you to change the other factors to ensure that it’ll work. Keep things simple at first until you already feel that you’re ready to step up your game.

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