Is a morning walk good for fitness?

Is a morning walk good for fitness?

Lots of people these days are suffering from health issues, they are taking their regular medicine, checkups,  and eating proper meals. But forget one thing and that is walk a regular morning or evening walk. If you are doing all the things accordingly then why don’t you think about walking on a regular basis.  If you skip this important part then you will not get the accurate result after doing all the stuff. This research shows that a brisk stroll is better than a workout. 

So make sure if you are taking a walk daily then you can save yourself from getting fatty. And if you are not getting fatty , you can save yourself from lots of diseases. Many studies have shown that walking in the morning at 7 am will help you to alter your body clock for better results. Morning walk helps you to set your mood in a good mood. You can see the awesomeness of nature in the morning. The birds are chirping, blowing cool breezes, the calmness of nature, No pollution and more things. 


If you are thinking about a morning walk.. Then keep one thing in mind, you must walk on an empty stomach as it will enhance your metabolism. If you jump in the morning empty stomach it will boost your metabolism and burn your calories.

You can drink a glass of water before a walk, because it will help you to hydrate your body throughout the walk or exercise.

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Walking in the morning does meet your weight loss requirement. Walking at a moderate pace for 30 minutes will help to burn the calories up to 150 cl. And we recommend you the ideal time for the walk is take a walk before a meal in the morning. This is the best time because your body is already in the caloric deficit mode. 

Walking is a great form of exercise and walking for one hour may help you to lose weight and provides lots of health benefits to us. We cannot say it is equivalent to exercise but we can say it will help you get in shape. Walking can help to reduce overall fat including belly fat. 

If you  walk fast then you can complete 1000 steps in 10 minutes which can  be a good initiate. If you walk 1 hour at 6km/h then you average 300kcal. And by walking this speed you can reduce a lot in less time. 

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