This New App Makes Online Running Interesting


This New App Makes Online Running Interesting

There is a new app in town and it is turning online running into a virtual adventure! Introducing Vingo, your new work-out buddy that’s going to change your work-out schedules forever. With Vingo by your side, you will never miss another day of working out. 

That’s because your days staring at your wall when running on your treadmill are over and you are going to explore all your favourite places in the world. Here’s how the app works,

Get Inside the Virtual World of Vingo

N Vingo you will find a number of different locations, and maps which you can enter when logging into the app. These locations were designed to be similar to their earthly counterparts. Also, the spots on the maps are filled with stories, facts, and legends about the place. 

Your experience in Vingo is going to be a virtual tour of the place, all the while your exercise on your treadmill. Makes your Indoor Running routine more interesting, right? There’s even more,

Enjoy Running with Activity Tracking

On Vingo you will find the options for activity tracking which you can turn on to monitor your speed on your mill. This way the app adjusts your favourite location’s scenes up to the finest detail. 

Also, the tracking monitor will help the app to determine the best possible challenges for you to reach your fitness goals. You can set your targets on the app and select the difficulties on the map ahead of you.

Or, if you feel like you need to go for a slow jog on a scenic route, you can slow down and enjoy the views!

Your Perfect Partner for Running

Vingo makes a perfect partner during your work-outs. It will guide you when you are in virtual space. You never need to worry about what to do next or what turn to take while running and so on. All you need to do is focus on your run and let Vingo give you the necessary stimulus. It is more than an online running app; it is a guide.

Socialise with Vingo

On Vingo, there is plenty of space for people from across the world to join in. everyone from trained athletes to beginners’ log-in every day. 

They all come in for one purpose, to get better, physically and mentally. They have their equipment back home to maintain their physical fitness. But, to get mentally fit, they need to meet like-minded fitness enthusiasts. That’s where you come in. You can join these people and you can all encourage each other to push yourselves. 

You can join communities who share similar fitness goals and targets. If you left out, you can always chat with anyone on Vingo easily. You can use voice chat, in real time too. You can ask for advice, help and get all the urgent care that you need inside the app itself. 

In all, Vingo is more than a fitness app, it is a social network for fitness. Join Vingo and get fit the fun way!

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