How Do I Know if We Need Marriage Counseling?


How Do I Know if We Need Marriage Counseling

Making a long-term commitment to living with a spouse is a challenging venture couples make. Disagreements, arguments, and fights are inevitable as partners continue to learn to live together. Regardless of the demanding situations at times, marriages are not meant to end in a divorce. With couples counseling, a marriage can survive the storm.

Signs that a Marriage Needs Counseling

Marriage counseling can be short-term or long-term therapy that helps couples open up to understand each other for a more fulfilling and happy life. The process can involve either both or one partner. Below are some signs that the relationship may need help:

Communication Breakdown

Partners hardly speak to each other. Communication is an essential aspect of people living together, and the absence of it means there is a problem. In addition, if every interaction leads to a fight, it indicates a communication breakdown. Mostly, the aggrieved partner can begin getting defensive or feeling hurt when there is no reason for it. When couples hardly communicate, they need a marriage therapist.

Dealing with Trust Issues

Transparency is critical in marriage to enhance trust between partners. When couples start being dishonest with each other or start telling lies about important things, such as financial issues, there is mistrust between them. Things get out of hand when the truth comes out. 

The Relationship has lost Intimacy

When the intimate feelings for each other start to dwindle, the relationship might be diving head down. A partner may feel more comfortable when their spouse is away from the house - which shows something is missing with the connection. 


Unfaithfulness to your partner means an extra-marital affair with someone else other than your legal spouse. Infidelity is the number one cause of marriage breakups. The result is mistrust of each other. Seek help from a marriage counselor before the situation gets out of hand.

Seeing the other Partner as an Antagonist

Marriage is teamwork, not rivalry. When a partner looks at their spouse as the "bad one" mentality, they expect too much of them. No one is perfect in the union of marriage!

Frequent Arguments

When one partner becomes argumentative for flimsy reasons, the other partner may feel disregarded, misunderstood, and worthless. Arguments can be due to other underlying issues, and a marriage counselor can help couples learn to differentiate topics.


To punish the spouse, one party can stop talking, loving, and caring. Such action might be worse for the other partner when they reiterate. The couple may stop watching for each other, showing indifference and a don't care attitude. A marriage counselor can be the immediate solution to help couples learn how to mend their relationship.

All these signs mean the marriage has a problem, and a marriage counselor can be of great help to restore and rekindle the diminishing relationship. Taking the first step to looking for a marriage therapist can be daunting, but making the connection can also be life-changing.

Benefits of Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling can benefit many couples if they approach the right therapist. The following are some of the benefits:

Helps Restore Communication

Couples learn how to communicate openly and freely about issues confronting their relationship. They start to see each other's points of view and learn to solve problems together.

Healthy Intimacy

Couples start appreciating and discovering each other's intimacy as trust is built together.

Support to Cope with Psychological Illnesses

For a partner struggling with psychological issues, a marriage counselor can assist an expert health professional in helping in facing the challenges.

Assist in Identifying the Differences

A Marriage counselor helps evaluate the differences in the relationship to develop a better understanding. The couple can then work towards closing the gaps.

Learning Platform

Couples learn strategic and practical coping skills. They also gain a greater understanding of their relationship dynamics and create space for each other.

Is Couples Counseling Effective?

Marriage counseling can be a very effective tool for couples who commit themselves to healing their relationship issues. Couples counseling helps create a partnership built on respect, consideration, and trust. Whether going in-person or online, therapy can be the best thing that you can do for your marriage.

Are you looking to repair your marriage? Get tools to build a solid mutual relationship effectively. Connect with a licensed marriage counselor today.

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