Knee Replacement Surgery in Jaipur


Dr. Dilip Mehta, Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Dilip Mehta, Orthopedic Surgeon

Absolutely any random thing could be the cause of the excruciating pain in the knee that you felt for the very first time. You might have gone out dancing at a party, trekking, had a minor fall, and landed on your fours. And yes, not surprising to say you remember the event well, because it has greatly affected your quality of life.

Persistent knee pain is estimated to affect one out of every four persons.

In light of this, Dr. Dilip Mehta, one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Jaipur, throws some light on how to handle knee pain and when is the time to think about getting the appropriate treatment at the 360° knee clinic in Jaipur.

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Causes of Knee Pain

Knee discomfort can be caused by a number of things. Some of the significant factors are aging, sports injuries, and trauma.

But astonishing as it may sound, Dr. Mehta says it is the weak hips, the unstable ankle, or the flat foot that is the reason for this chronic pain in the knee.

How do you reduce and heal knee pain?

According to Dr. Dilip Mehta from 360° knee clinic in Jaipur, by doing the following things, you can reduce and try to heal the knee pain.

Resting the Knee

If you are injured and have been subjected to pain and trauma in the knee, other than visiting your orthopedic doctor, the best thing for you to do is rest the knee and give it time. Stay off your legs for some days.


Then if the impact is not very severe, you can start with mild exercises for your knee and gradually increase the muscle and ligament strength so that the joint can bear weight and get back to the maximum possible motion of the joint.

Warm-up is essential! This seemingly trivial procedure will aid in preparing your knee joint before you begin and may prevent you from more visits to the orthopedic doctor.

How to prevent knee pain?

Though there are many efficient ways to relieve the agony of knee pain, Dr. Dilip Mehta suggests that we incorporate a few things to do on a daily basis to keep the knees healthy.

  • Maintaining a healthy weight is the most effective approach to preventing knee pain. As we gain weight, additional strain is placed on a joint that supports our entire body. Even a  slight weight loss has been shown to help prevent knee problems.
  • The style of shoes we wear also matters a lot. Many people are surprised by its importance when the doctor stresses on this aspect. But it makes sense after thinking about why knee discomfort occurs at all. Insoles with proper arch support and cushion are excellent for enhancing balance and leg alignment.
  • Regular low-impact exercises for the knee will take you a long way, and you will not have to visit the doctor anytime soon.
Whatever the cause of your knee pain, you don't have to go through it. It may be time to take a look at it more seriously. Please consult with Dr. Dilip Mehta at 360° knee clinic in Jaipur if the knee pain continues to persist.

Dr. Dilip Mehta may ask you to undergo an X-ray and MRI to know more about your condition and suggest a treatment plan accordingly. You may need some minor surgeries or medications if the status is not alarming.

But if the situation is alarming, then you may be in for a knee replacement surgery as well.
Trust your doctor to know the best for you and the treatment you will receive at the clinic. The skill and expertise will have you up on your feet in no time.

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