Multiple IVF failure: diagnosis and treatment in Mohali


Multiple IVF failure: diagnosis and treatment in Mohali

In this article, Dr. Hrishikesh Pai, one of India’s renowned IVF doctors, will talk about what causes repeated IVF failure and its diagnosis and treatment.

IVF center in Mohali provides world-class IVF treatment with highly qualified doctors. Who will assist you so that you can get the best treatment related to IVF failure.

What is repeated IVF failure?

When a female has failed the IVF procedure more than three times even after having good quality embryos, it is called a repeated IVF failure.

Causes of repeated IVF failure

Some causes of failure of IVF could be;

Quality of the sperm

Sperm quality has an adverse effect in IVF procedure.

In some cases, the sperm might not be able to break the outer covering of the shell because of the low quality of the sperm.

Sometimes high-quality sperm cannot break through the outer side of the shell.

Issues with uterus

Issues with uterus

Faults or scars in the parts of the uterus such as intrauterine adhesions, polyps, fibroids can cause multiple IVF failures.

Another issue that can cause an IVF failure is the presence of a thin endometrium in the uterus due to high progesterone before the egg retrieval for IVF.

It is important to have a thorough check-up of the uterus’ hormones, structure, and immunology

Poor quality oocyte

Poor quality oocyte implies a break in the swindle apparatus of the oocyte, which results in a damaged DNA and a chromosomally abnormal embryo, says Dr. hrishikesh.

The couple’s lifestyle

The lifestyle has severe effects during the IVF cycles.

If one of the partners or both are consuming alcohol, drugs, or tobacco, it can lead to issues during the pregnancy or the IVF cycle.

It is necessary to take care of yourself and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Wrong embryo selection

If the doctor selects an abnormal embryo, the uterus will reject it, and therefore it is important to select a normal embryo for the transfer.

Wrong embryo transfer

Embryo transfer procedure should be done at the right time and place.

It is important that the doctor carry out a trial embryo transfer to ensure 100% success during the actual procedure.

Wrong embryo transfer

Diagnosis of IVF failure

There are certain diagnoses done to determine the cause of the repeated failure. Dr Hrishikesh explains some of the diagnosis tests to us.                 

Endometrial receptivity assay (ERA)

ERA is a test performed before the frozen embryo transfer in highly-selected patients.

This ERA test focuses on identifying the best time for the embryo transfer based on genetic testing to identify the window of implantation.

Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test

This type of test is conducted to know the sperm quality.

When the sperm fragmentation is high, it can lead to an IVF failure and can also cause low fertilization problems, miscarriages, etc.

Uterine evaluation

Through this evaluation, the doctors will know about the condition of the uterus and fallopian tubes in depth.

This will help the doctors to know about the exact tubal status for the success of IVF.

Preimplantation genetic testing.

This test is done to know the number of chromosomes present in the embryo. 

To attain a 100% success rate in IVF, Embryos that have a normal number of chromosomes are selected for embryo transfer.

Immunology testing

If the above tests do not reveal what caused an IVF failure, then the patient is suggested to take this test.

This immunology test will reveal if there are any immunology abnormalities in the patient.

Treatment of IVF failure

Once the doctor gets to know the reason for a multiple IVF failure, The doctor can then plan a procedure that will result in a successful IVF.

At the IVF centre in Mohali, the IVF specialists and doctors will take care of your entire procedure with the utmost care and provide you with the needed treatment.

Treatment of IVF failure


While multiple IVF failures can cause frustration, do keep hope as there are always doctors and treatments to help you out with the problem.

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