What Are The Causes Of Low Libido?


What Are The Causes Of Low Libido?

Libido is a term that is used to describe the desire for sex. Its level varies significantly among people. This also depends on a person's lifestyle and personal preferences. As a result, low libido describes a reduced desire to engage in sexual activity.

It is not a strange thing not to have an interest in having sex occasionally. After all, the levels of libido vary throughout the entirety of a person's life. It is also not s strange thing for your sex drive not to match your partner's sometimes. Yet, it should be stressed that if low libido occurs for an extended period, there may be cause for worry. 

Low libido can be a sign of certain underlying health issues. There are several causes of low sex drive and this guide will look into some of them.

Low Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is the main sex hormone in men. This hormone is mostly produced in the testicles. Besides its role in stimulating sex drive, the hormone is also responsible for developing bone and muscle mass. As a result, when the level of testosterone is low, the sex drive will reduce. Usually, the level of testosterone varies, specifically between 300 to 1,000ng/dL.

According to the American Urological Association, the level of testosterone will be considered too low if it falls below 300 ng/dL. It should also be noted that it is normal for testosterone levels to decrease with aging. 


Depression is not good for a person's health. It can constitute a lack of interest in many exciting activities, including sexual activities. It should also be stressed that low libido can be caused by some antidepressants.

Sleep issues

There is a study that has shown that nonobese men with sleep disorders often suffer from low levels of testosterone. As a result, this naturally leads to decreased libido levels and reduced sexual activity. In this study, it should be stressed that almost 30% of men suffering from sleep issues also have a decreased level of testosterone.

Another study showed that when sleep is restricted to five hours per night for a week, testosterone levels can reduce by 10 to 15 percent. As a result, if you wish to boost your libido level, libido gummies and other similar candies can be essential.


Generally, the level of testosterone, as explained earlier, reduces as men age. According to several studies, libido or testosterone level in men is at the highest when they are in their late teens and early 20s.

However, as you grow older, it may take longer to achieve ejaculation and orgasm or get aroused. Aging can also make it harder to achieve an erection. However, numerous medications are available to tackle these problems.


Sexual desire may suffer if you are distracted by certain situations. After all, the level of testosterone can be disrupted by stress. The arteries can become narrower when there is stress and this reduces the blood flow through the penis, resulting in Erectile dysfunction.

This issue is not restricted to men. Studies have also shown that stress has a direct impact on the sexual desire among women. Another study has also shown that PTSD can significantly raise the risk of having a sexual dysfunction.

It can be difficult to avoid stress. Relationship issues and divorce are some of the events that can trigger stress, which can result in reduced stress desire. Various stress management techniques, including meditation and breathing exercises, can be helpful.


Low sex drive can cause a significant strain in relationships. As a result, a prolonged low level of libido can be a serious issue that must be tackled. The first step is to understand the causes, which are mentioned above.

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