What is the cause of dandruff?


What is the cause of dandruff


To prevent or control dandruff many individuals invest in costly anti-dandruff shampoos and various hair treatments. Some are even hoping to get rid of its natural upsurge that way.

But what actually does cause dandruff? Is it lack of personal cleanliness, a common insight based on old folk story? Many still believe the old falsehood, so persons who suffer from dandruff are quickly perceived to lack personal cleanliness. That idea doesn't base on facts, for the reason that it is just more than that.

You can prevent and control dandruff upsurge. It is a common setback today that shouldn't be presumed and should be treated as early as feasible. It is a severe skin physiological disorder that can impinge on both psychological and communal behaviors.

Causative factors

To be aware of what is the cause of dandruff and how dandruff attacks the hair and other areas, you have to determine the causative factors that help its upsurge. A few of them are fungus, skin irritation, strong hair cure additives, constant worry and extreme weather. 

So it's certainly more than just the common long-established hearsay. If you are suffering from dandruff setbacks, if you determine what triggers them it will be easier to make out what remedies to go for. It is best to learn the reality behind the cause of dandruff, if not, your whole hair cure investment all just go downhill the drain.

What are the symptoms you are getting dandruff?

  • Scratchy scalp
  • Irritating discomfort
  • Noticeable skin flakes
  • Reddish spots on top of the scalp

What are the main factors that cause dandruff?

Malassezia is fungus that generally prospers on human scalp, but when two of its species, M. restricta and M. globosa, produce half digested lipid wastes, they can cause exasperation and inflammation on the scalp which can result to skin ailment, in particular dandruff and other skin inflammations.

Pityrosporum-Ovale is another associate species of Malassezia that settles in the human being scalp. They can cause dandruff at what time they form an uneven overwhelming growth which can lead to skin irritation on the scalp that would progressively lead to harsh scaling and flaking of the skin.

Skin inflammations and other factors resulting dandruff

Concerning what is the cause of dandruff, Seborrheic Dermatitis is a widespread skin infection caused by fungus, organisms that generally settle in the human being scalp, and skin allergies. It can give exasperations and shows symptoms of skin scaling, peeling, and reddish spots.

• Contact Dermatitis

Contact Dermatitis is a skin irritation activated by strong chemical compounds found in anti-dandruff shampoos, hair colors, and other related hair treatments.

• Less of Hair Grooming

Less hair grooming can really cause dandruff upsurge. On the whole, regeneration of skin sheds out small pieces of old skin that either falls off or settles within the scalp. If there is an irresistible amount of old skin, it can cause the scalp exasperation and inflammation.

• Weather conditions

Weather conditions can really increase dandruff upsurge. The sweat and oil excess can solidify in cold weather and lead to irritations slowly but surely leading to peeling and scaling of the skin.

So irrespective of how clean you are, if you don't think about these causal factors, then your outlay on hair treatments is just wasted. Finding the real cause of dandruff is the top way to thwart it in the long-run.

The most excellent way to avoid them is to find out more on the kind of food you need to keep away from. Be careful of hair treatments that your skin responds to. You can even ask over your dermatologist for the appropriate dandruff treatments. If anti-dandruff shampoos do not work in good health, apply efficient natural remedies. Dandruff can without difficulty be prevented, but if 

Concerning what is the cause of dandruff, the true causes of dandruff are more or less always related to surroundings, inheritance, diet, or hormones. Every so often even a grouping of one or more. 

A clue to watch for if you consider that you might encompass a fungal infection is that it most likely will be accompanied by a level of pain, which dandruff very seldom is. 

Scalp Psoriasis is considered to be another one of the leading widespread causes of dandruff and can time and again lead to the skin becoming to a certain extent dry. It is characterized by irritated red lesions on the skin with a shiny, peeling upper skin layer. Scalp psoriasis will generally cause dead skin flakes to land on your garments in precisely the same way as dandruff would. 


Other causes of dandruff are general ruining of health, growth of a toxic build up condition owing to use of anti-dandruff products that include chemically engineered substances, eating the wide of the mark types of foods, even now and then constipation. At the same time as these are not as common, they are owed at least a quick point out.

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