When Should You Drink Detox Juice?


When Should You Drink Detox Juice?

Sometimes you need to flush your system and fast. But when should you consider using a detox drink to assist your cleansing efforts? 

Take, for example, the popular Herbal Clean QCarbo16. When to drink it and what to expect are questions most people have about products like these. While they may differ in ingredients, strength, and speed of cleansing, most detox drinks intend to quickly rid your system of toxic substances. 

When to Drink Detox Juice

Each person’s reasons for needing a fast cleanse vary, but some of the most useful times to consider drinking a rapid-detox juice are

  • To pass a urine test. 
  • To improve your overall health.

Urine Testing

U.A.s are required in a variety of circumstances, but two of the most common are job searches and court proceedings. Getting and keeping jobs with government agencies, educational institutions, and other employers may require passing a urine test. Judges will sometimes rule that one or both parties in a given proceeding submit to drug testing. 

If your goal is to pass a urine test, most rapid detox drinks advise drinking them 24-8 hours before taking the test. Be sure to consult the instructions on the exact drink you’ve purchased to get more specific recommendations. 

Personal Health

If you’re not in a situation in which a urine test is required, there are other times when rapid cleansing may be useful. Maybe you had a bit too much fun over the weekend and need to recover before the work-week starts. Maybe you’ve eaten too much junk food for the last few months and want to give your digestive system a fresh start. Or maybe you just appreciate the preventative benefits of regular periodic cleansing. 

If your cleansing intentions are more personal and not required by an outside party, feel free to take them as instructed whenever you feel the need. Months of junk food can certainly cause you to feel lethargic and unhealthy, and partying too hard can ruin your whole week, so use discretion but don’t discount the option of using a detox drink to help. 

Most detox drinks contain diuretics and laxative herbs, so you should expect to need to use the bathroom more frequently while the herbs make their way through your system. 

Whether you choose herbal detox drinks to help you achieve your cleansing goals ultimately depends on what your goals are and how intense you want your cleanse experience to be. 

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