Should You Book Your Test Online or at a Diagnostic Clinic?


Should You Book Your Test Online or at a Diagnostic Clinic

One of the best ways to diagnose a medical condition is by conducting a blood test. The levels of biochemical substances present in the bloodstream can indicate any underlying condition. Based on the outcomes of the test, a diagnosis is done by the physicians. In some cases, tests collecting any fluid from a human body are conducted to clinically analyze the substances present in the samples.

For this, patients need to book a prescribed test. They can either book a test online or can visit a clinic to get it done. It all depends on the convenience of the patient who will undergo such tests. Medical tests can be booked online when the samples can be collected by simple clinical instruments at home. For some tests, it is possible but some require the patient to be present in a clinical lab. The professionals collecting samples at home are called phlebotomists.

Let us find out how online tests are booked and conducted.

The procedure of an online test booking

When you want to book a lab test at home, you will simply have to find the most popular electronic platforms. Such platforms can be accessed online on a computer or from a mobile app. The service providers are connected with the patients through such online platforms.

All you have to do is to create an account on a healthcare platform before booking a test. Your personal information such as name, age, gender, address, email ID and phone number need to be input in the respective sections to create an account. It is then an online portal will recognise you as a user. Seek the information on the tests you have to do on that same platform elaborately. Check whether those tests can be conducted at home or not.

Simply follow the procedure to book a test. Follow the steps and check for the dates available according to your convenience. Once you choose a date, a specific time will be assigned when a trained professional or phlebotomist will visit your home to draw the samples. For example, a trained phlebotomist will visit your home and collect blood samples according to the genre of the test. He will also collect if the doctor has prescribed a urine test or a swab test. For the urine test, you will have to collect a specific container from the nearest medical shop.

After collecting the sample, a specific period is considered to generate a report. The report is then checked by a clinician and then sent to your email ID or via any digital medium you are comfortable with.

Consider the safety of online testing

Booking a lab test online is no different than the tests done at the clinics. Generally, simpler tests are done at the home of the patients as it is easier to carry the smaller medical equipment. Despite this fact, here is what you can consider and understand how safe the online lab tests are.

1. Trained professionals

All the professionals who collect samples at home are well-trained. They have to complete a course on phlebotomy and get certified for such jobs. They learn the basic safety protocols of the procedures after studying anatomy for at least a year. They know how to locate arteries and veins and do the minimum puncture to draw blood samples.

2. Pandemic safety measures

The advent of COVID-19 has also made the safety rules stricter. All the clinics and labs maintain the WHO protocols strictly such as sanitization, wearing safety kits, etc. Phlebotomists also use new gloves and other accessories before conducting a test in the patient’s home. They will also not discard medical waste anywhere locally but dispose of them as guided by the standard health protocols.

3. Standard safety protocols

 When you book a blood test lab near me, professionals will visit with all the necessary equipment. They carry a one-time-use kit for collecting samples. There is no chance of contracting diseases from other samples either. The home sample collection procedure is safer than being in a clinic and waiting for your turn.

4. Handling of the test samples

It seldom happens that a trained professional has to collect multiple samples from different locations. These professionals are well-trained in how to collect and store samples individually in their bags. The samples are tagged and named so that the laboratory technician does not misunderstand or misplace any. Also, the samples are sent to the lab location before degeneration so that there is no discrepancy in the results.

In a nutshell

Booking lab tests at home is absolutely safe. Lab tests at home are a boon for patients with age, mental and ambulatory issues too. Trained phlebotomists visit your house and collect samples as per the WHO guidelines and safety protocols. Trained hands will not let you feel any discomfort. Samples are collected before you know it in your comfort zone.

The samples are then tested by certified doctors to generate accurate reports. The reports are checked and signed by the clinicians and then sent digitally or physically. You can rely on the authenticity of the reports and get them checked by your physician. Get your lab tests booked today!

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