Agriculture And Laws Associated With It

Agriculture And Laws Associated With It


Agriculture comes under the primary sector of work and In India 70 percent of the population is still dependent on the work related to agriculture. There are a lot of families in India who are completely dependent on earnings based on agriculture related work. 


It is basically a process which includes composition or preparation of all the vegetables, fruits and other necessities through the manner of cropping, cultivating, harvesting and so on. It includes all the process of composition of plants and other animal products or products related to animal husbandry in the market for the process of distribution to consumers.

It is also known as the art and science of growing, cropping and cultivating fruits and vegetables.

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Laws associated with agriculture:-

Our Government also makes sure to safeguard the rights of the farmers and people associated with the field of agriculture as it is the basic necessity of every human being and In India most of the people are solely dependent on the profession of Agriculture for their lifeguard and fulfilling their necessities. So, for that purpose the government has bought four laws for preserving the rights of Farmers and people associated with the business of agriculture.

Laws related to agriculture are as follows:-

The Farmers produce Trade and commerce Act 2020: This act has been originally published on 27 September 2020 with the aim of providing freedom to the farmers to decide the sale and purchase of their crops by the commencement of this act now farmers enjoy the right to sale and purchase of the crops.

The Farmers (Empowerment and protection) agreement on price assurance and farm services act, 2020: This act was also originally published on 27th september 2020 by the Indian Government in order to provide a proper framework process by building an agreement or a contract between the buyer and the farmer before the production of any farm production.

The Farm Act 2020: We can also term this as Indian agriculture bill 2020 which was proposed in both Lok sabha and Rajya sabha which was finally passed in both the houses on 5th of June 2020. The act provided facilities of electronic trading and E-commerce of scheduled farmers production to the farmers. It also benefited by prohibiting the government from levying tax, market fee or other costs on the farmers.

The Essential commodities amendment act 2020: This act benefits the farmers as through this central government has the right or authority to provide restrictions on any person who is upholding the stock of a necessity item. The stock limit imposed on specific prices will be in accordance with the rising prices.

Therefore, the Government has shown interest with time to safeguard various rights and protect farmers in their work.

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