Automotive And Various Companies


Automotive And Various Companies

We all are familiar with the word automotive and automobile. This industry is an emerging industry in today’s economy. As the demand of automobiles and automobile parts are increasing at a rapid growth. Every year we hear that the price of this vehicle is increasing or that vehicle is increasing and it is also due to the increase in demand of this industry in the market. Nowadays no one feels like going by cycle or by walking. Everyone needs a proper convenience through which they can reach comfortably and early.

What is Automotive?

An Automotive industry is an industry which consists of organizations and industries which work for the design, manufacturing, development, marketing and selling of the motor vehicles or automobiles.

For Eg: Companies like MRF come under the automotive industry as they develop the tyres for the motor vehicles.

What is Automobile?

An Automobile is something which is a motor vehicle or vehicle. An Automobile is something which is used as the means of transport for themselves or for people.

For Eg: Vehicles like scooty, Bike, Car comes under automobile.

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Various companies related to automobile sector:-

Automobile sector is a huge and emerging sector and there are a lot of big shot companies dealing in it. Today in my blog I would like to discuss a few of the renowned companies with my readers. 

Few of the best renowned companies are as follows:-

Maruti Suzuki: It is an Indian subsidiary company of a famous Japanese motor vehicle company named as Suzuki motor corporation. It was founded in 1981 in Gurugram, Haryana. One of the most runned and economical automobile cars was an invention of this company named as Maruti 800.

Tata Motors: It is an multinational motor company whose headquarters is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is been runned by the top shot business tycoon of India Mr. Ratan Tata. Tata motors is a company famous for its wonderful build quality. This company makes varieties of motor vehicles such as Van, Car, bus and so on.

Skoda: It is an European automobile company started in the year 1921 in the Czech Republic. It is famous for its powerful engine and great speed quality. The most famous cars by skoda were Octavia, Kodaq and so on.

Honda: This is a Japanese multinational company who is a manufacturer of various bikes, cars and other power equipment related to automobiles. Few of the very famous cars of honda are Honda city, Brio, amaze, Accord and so on.

Ferrari: It is a very luxurious and famous sports car from Italy. Ferrari is famous for its speed and luxury and has been linked with the cars of rich people.

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