Casino And Legalities With It


Casino And Legalities With It

Everyone is acquainted with the term casino and what it is. Casino is played which offers a wide variety of games where people can win/lose some stake of value either could be money or anything else.

Casinos are made up of various gambling games such as poker, teen patti, black jack, roulette and so on.

The culture of casinos is an old aged culture which is being followed by a lot of countries worldwide. Countries like Las Vegas, Macao, Hongkong, Singapore, Brussels are famous for casinos.

In India building of casinos is not considered as legal except in a few states as casino is a type of gambling and In India all types of Gambling is being prohibited under the The Public Gambling act.

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Legal scenario with respect to casino:-

Legal scenario for casino in India are follows:-

  • Age: In India the legal age for playing casino or gambling games is 21. The person who has not attained the age of 21 at the time is not allowed to play casino games.
  • States in India where casinos are legal: In a few states in India casinos have been considered legal after the Daman & Diu Public Gambling Act 1976. The States in which casinos are considered to be legal are Goa, Sikkim, Daman & Diu.

Further, the person needs to comply with all the laws and provisions made under The Public Gambling Act for running the casino.

Casinos in Goa are being legalized under the Goa Act.

Side effects of casinos:-

Casinos come with a lot of disadvantages of playing because of which people are always concerned with playing casino. Although it has been always seen that casinos bring up a lot of fun, they have various side effects. Let's discuss few of the side effects of casino here:-

  • Makes a person addicted towards it which further leads to addiction issues.
  • Makes a person deprived of his business and job which leads to being fired from job and not doing well in business and career.
  • Make a person take serious actions such as suicide due to failure in repay the losses faced due to casinos and continuously losing in the games which leads to lot of loan and so on.
  • Make a person indulge into legal issues and imprisonment due to casinos and gambling addiction.
  • It creates a lot of hurdles for a person in their personal life such as relationship problems as due to this addiction a person fails in spending the time with their family and loved ones which further leads to relationship hurdles.

 Therefore, these are few of the negative and side effects a person faces due to casinos. Here I would also like to request all my readers to please write a blog post to us on the topic Casino guest Post.

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