Gambling And Laws Related To It


Gambling And Laws Related To It

The habit of wagering or gambling is an quite old issue our society is facing. During festivals it usually increases and the people addicted towards it spend most of their time playing games like poker, teen patti and so on which comes under gambling.


It is the thing which is being done by a person by wagering something of a value randomly with the objective of earning something in return more of the value wagered or at least equivalent to the wagered value. Here, it is never necessary that the person fulfill his objective of getting return the value he/she wagered or gambled.

Therefore, Gambling consists of three core elements with it that are:-

  • Consideration
  • Risk
  • Prize

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Laws related to Gambling:-

Laws related to gambling are being defined under “The Public Gambling Act 1867”. This act provides provisions for Public Gaming and maintaining and keeping common gambling places in India.

Other Acts which also regulates the Gambling act and consider it as an offense are mentioned below:-

  • The Prize Competition Act of 1955: It was passed by the Indian Parliament in 1955 which has proposed restrictions over all the gambling activities in the country which brings up the winning prize.
  • Indian penal Code 1860: It laid down the provisions related to punishment for the gambling act.

Although, The Indian law has never made strict laws for Gambling in a manner that it is completely banned in the country but there are strict provisions with respect to gambling in our Country.

In India it is being believed that gambling is considered a crime when people are checking their luck for the sake of money by putting the considered value of money in it.

Few Gambling games considered illegal in India:-

Few of the gambling games considered completely illegal in India are as follows:-

  • Sports Betting with Bookmakers: In India this is not considered legal. Sports betting is considered as betting over the win/loss of any team in any game by putting a stake of value as a consideration.
  • Illegal Casinos: India is a country where the casinos are not legally allowed to be built. There are only a few exceptions with this law as only few states in India are allowed to have the casinos which are Goa, Daman & Diu and Sikkim.
  • Sports Parlay Cards: This is even considered illegal to be done in India.
  • Horse Betting: Betting over the winning/losing of Horse in Horse race is considered illegal in India.
  • Numbers: In India gambling on numbers or lottery is considered completely illegal.

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